In what ways do they keep that skinny figure? As far as losing weight, there are only limited options for surpassing a healthy diet and routine exercise. Though that doesn’t imply that they haven’t tried it yet.

For whatever reason it may be, desperation, impatience, or eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, some people go beyond the limits just to lose those extra pounds.

Sad to say, but fad diets can do more harm rather than good. Here are the 10 most extreme ways people try to stay skinny, which even those desperate dieters will be surprised.

1. Tongue Patch

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - Tongue Patch

If it’s torture doing the master cleanse diet, what more the tongue patch diet. A little patch of the fabric is sewn on the topmost part of the tongue, which is unbearably painful if solid foods are consumed.

There’s no other choice but to maintain a liquid diet in the presence of a tongue patch. Without a doubt, this is not recommendable.

2. The Tapeworm Diet

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - Tapeworm diet

This diet requires ingesting tapeworm and let it grow in your intestines, which in turn will feast on the foods that you eat.

If you’re desperately crazy to try this diet, keep in mind that this causes long-term health problems. Tapeworms can grow up to 30ft long, and at times won’t come out.

The purpose of this is to restrict your calorie intake and eat healthy foods like yogurt and soups. However, most people end up consuming pudding throughout the day, which leads to nowhere.

3. Air Diet

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - air diet

This popular diet in France, known as ”l’air fooding,” or air diet, essentially is a fancy phrase which refers to starving yourself.

However, tricking your brain that it already has eaten, you still have to undergo preparing your meal, set the table, and just smell the food in front of you.

4. Drugs

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - drugs

With regards to losing weight, drugs are among those oldest tricks, but a lot of it isn’t effective as advertised, and some may even cause one’s problem.

Numerous deluded people have resorted to using hard drugs like methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine in trying to reduce weight, which eventually leads to a terrible outcome.

5. Ipecac Syrup

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - ipecac syrup

This medicine is part of the medical inventory in which it is used for patients that have been poisoned. It empties the stomach through vomiting.

6. Stomach Stapling

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - stomach stapling

Stomach stapling or the VBG vertical banded gastroplasty surgery is a procedure that uses staples and a band to create a small stomach, thus limiting the quantity of food in the human digestive tract.

People who usually undergo this surgery are those who are already suffering from life-threatening obesity. After the surgery, the patient is obliged to follow a strict dietary plan; otherwise, severe negative compilations may occur.

7. Urine Injection

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - urine injection

Administering a pregnant woman’s urine in your body is somewhat ridiculous, which it really is, but in the desperation of some people to lose weight, that won’t stop them from doing it.

Chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone found in urine that convinces the mind to believe that it is pregnant. In turn, it increases the speed of metabolism and burns calories faster than normal.

8. The Spoon Diet

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - Spoon diet

This diet program aims to consume foods that are only intended to be eaten using a spoon.

9. The Cotton Ball Diet

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - cotton ball diet

Eating a cotton ball soaked in juice or water is another way of deceiving your body to think that you have eaten already while continuously starving yourself.

In reality, it barely tricks the body. It may also cause discomfort and severe pain due to the accumulation of cotton wool in your intestinal tract.

10. Gummy Bear Cleanse

Most Extreme Ways People Try to Stay Skinny - Gummy Bear

This was never considered diet food, but a sugar-free gummy bear with an interesting additive called lycasin, a known potent laxative.

Just eat a dozen gummy bears, wait for a while, and the outcome will definitely be explosive.