Pick a dog.
How responsible are you?
Not at all- I hardly remember my own name.
A little- I've only broken my iPhone 5 times.
Quite a bit- I'm the type you'd trust with your purse.
Very- I'm the mother hen of my group.
How do you feel about love?
I'm done with it- I don't need no (wo)man
Single Pringle- and looking!
I'm crushing hard rn.
I couldn't be more in love with bae.
Which make-up look appeals to you most?
Pick a bedroom.
What do you look for most in a best friend?
Loyalty- you want someone to stick by you through anything.
Humour- you love being silly.
Intelligence- you want someone to geek out with.
Honesty- you need a buddy to tell you if you've got lipstick on your teeth!
What would be your dream career?
Interior Designer
Police officer
Where's your favourite place to shop?
Space NK
Urban Outfitters
Home Sense
Pick somewhere to live
Finally, pick a holiday destination.

Your Top Results

QUIZ: Could you actually be Zoella?

You might not be Zoe but you do you best!

You and Zoe differ quite a bit- but difference makes the world go round. You're eclectic and love mixing up your style. Just because your personality doesn't match Zoe's, it doesn't mean you're not a huge fan and you support her in everything she does. You're perfect- just as you are.
QUIZ: Could you actually be Zoella?

You're a Zoe clone!

You love everything Zoella and it's safe to say Zoe has influenced your style and taste. You're a huge fan of the star and your aim in life is to have a pet pug and become successful in everything you do.
QUIZ: Could you actually be Zoella?

Zoe... Is that you?

You couldn't be more like Zoe Sugg- you've got a kind heart and a soft side but you're also smart, intelligent and ambitious. You've got amazing taste in music, makeup and fashion and your friends always come to you for advice.