Really doesn't look all that tempting to me. Do I have to respond?

Bro Bro

Whew. Thanks for sharing! I couldn't sleep without knowing what you ate for dinner.

Mia from work


This must be your first time making a salad.


Nothing says "I make a fancy meal" like a blood garnish.

James H.


Pretty sure that just came out of my nose.


When will it be ok to go back to drinking out of cups!? So over these heavy ass jars.

Joey T.

Kale - again?? I've been waiting for kale to go out of style since it got here.

Sue Ann


Here's a meal that makes sense! Lime, avocado chunks, corn on the cob - all floating in soup.


Mostly just confused. You're taking the avocado out with your fingers, or putting it in? And why would you do either...?

James - Kickball team

Stacey Cell

My dinner invite must have gotten lost. I will be right over.

Joe from the Gas Station

Real food! #nomnomnomnom


Just licked my phone.

Tiny Tim

Yessss. Looking up the closest burger place right now. Who's in?