Which word would your friends use to best describe you?
What are you most likely to be doing on a Saturday night?
Mani+pedi+mini- shopping spree+cocktail party
Somewhere you are definitely not supposed to be
Movie night with your bf (boyfriend) or bf (best friend)
Anything from planning a co-worker's grandma's birthday dinner to rockclimbing in the out-of-state
What's your drink of choice?
Cosmopolitan (or any cocktail with at least four ingredients)
Gin + cucumber
When you are angry at someone, you are most likely to...
Scream in their face
Expect a heartfelt apology note from them
Call to talk it through
Ignore them or confront them, depending on your mood
You're happiest when you are...
Surrounded by friends & fam
Taking risks
With your hair, makeup and outfit on point
Doing something you've never done before
Which answer best defines how you dress?
Maxi dresses
Always in heels
Jeans and black
Unpredictable accessories

Your Top Results

Which Ridiculous Stock Photo Are You?


You are pastels and furry kittens and butterflies.
Which Ridiculous Stock Photo Are You?

Super Random

You might be unreliable, but you are definitely not boring. Things are guaranteed to get weird.
Which Ridiculous Stock Photo Are You?

A Tad High-Maintenance

So, you like deep-tissue massages and essential oils and discontinued lipstick shades and if your jewelry doesn't match your outfit you are not leaving the house. So what?
Which Ridiculous Stock Photo Are You?

Bad Ass

Coloring in the lines just isn't for you.