You purchase an old Victorian in the country. You immediately draw up plans to:
Cover it in aluminum siding that's all angles and modern sophistication. Maybe hold a seance or two.
Rejoice! Victorians loved heavy patterns and you can't wait to match you curtains to your couch to your purse.
Panic. That's so much space! How can you ever fill all of that up. You should call someone, you're going to call someone. Also, add this tasteful TV nook.
First you go to lunch, next you shop for fountains. Like you do everyday.
Your assistant/client/friend comes to you to fix up her walk-in closet. You think:
"I'll add one large claw in the middle and call it a day"
"Perfect. Here is a corner for crying and also a fountain. Love it!"
"Well all I know for sure is that we'll need a drawer for shoulder pads and these clip on earrings."
"I'll just put a bottle of vodka in her regular closet and call it a day"
Do you like this couch?
You turn away in disgust with a flutter of the hand before deigning to answer
My eyes! It's Hideous! It should be leather and next to a fountain
Oh my yes! Needs a little love but there's nothing wrong with a strong floral!
Let's just cover it with some scarves I happen to have lying around my office.
How do you feel about breaking and entering?
*Launch into fast and impassioned monologue about respect.*
Oh nooooooo, never, never. Unless peer pressured by my group of close friends.
Absolutely! Love it! Distract them with a fountain!
Absolutely. I love a little edge to when I visit my homes.

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Which Fictional Interior Designer Are You?

You Got: Sugarbakers & Associates

You enjoy supporting family businesses, shoulder pads, and a healthy supply of zingers. Style: Southern Sequined Gothic.
Which Fictional Interior Designer Are You?

You Got: Grace Adler

You enjoy neuroticism, turtle neck sweaters and the company of those who show their love through quippy put downs. Style: New York Power Lunch On Its Third Martini
Which Fictional Interior Designer Are You?

You Got: Duarto Felice

You enjoy hi-jinx, snooping and vague accents. Style: Italianate Revenge.
Which Fictional Interior Designer Are You?


You enjoy staying far away from the country for obvious reasons and Harry Belafonte songs for a reason you can't totally remember. Your Style: Other-worldly Brett Easton Ellis Chic