After a big night, brunch is a matter of life and death. Where do you go?
Greasy spoon
Healthy vegan cafe
Somewhere with bottomless cava & mimosas
Anywhere serving food drenched in hollandaise
Coffee and a cig in a dark room
Forget brunch, I'm going to huddle under a blanket and let Enya's dulcet tones restore my frail body back to health
As long as they have mashed avo on toast I don't care
What time do you go home on a Saturday night?
What do you want most from your first job?
Wages which mean I can live close to my friends after uni
Fistfuls of cash so I can live it up like those excellent bastards in The City pre-2008
A sense of fulfillment <3
Responsibility. I will run this country at some point and I want to get some practice in early
Which of these would you prefer to work in?
How long are you realistically willing to spend commuting every day?
Half an hour
45 mins
An hour
Hour and a half
Where did you go to uni?
A preppy Russell Group uni. I did get an interview at Oxford though, let's not forget that
An edgy Russell Group uni - I own Ellesse clothing and at 21 I'm already bored of ket
A London uni. I started selling my possessions to pay for rent long ago
A bang average Russell Group uni. I like sports team stash and pre-drinking vodka squash haha
How much are you willing to spend on rent per month?
I have more money than sense
Where did you last go on holiday with friends?
Interrailing in Europe
Backpacking in South America, it was life changing
Ibiza mate
Rented a villa in Tuscany
Walking in the Scottish Highlands
Berlin - we tried and failed to get into Berghain

Your Top Results

What part of London should you live in after uni?


Fresh out of one of the preppy Russell Group unis, you're too rowdy for Chelsea and too upmarket for Brixton. Clapham will prove a home from home - gilets and receding hairlines on every guy, wavy blonde hair and hoarse, nicotine-weathered voices on every girl. Half your mates from uni will live within walking distance, and you'll spend your nights going to the same dire clubs over and over again.
What part of London should you live in after uni?


You're ambitious, obscenely wealthy (or aspire to be), and you want the world to know - you'll fit right in on the King's Road. We hope the footmen and local swan's blood are up to scratch.
What part of London should you live in after uni?


Brixton is home to a large population of this generation's affluent young professionals, you'll fit right in. You'd like to think you're too cool for Clapham, but as much as you try to disguise your inner schweff by wearing box fresh Stan Smiths, you aren't fooling anyone. You're a part of the gentrification influx which fund the Ritzy cinema and populates Brixton Village on Friday evenings, but that's okay because you have the decency not to wear red trousers or gilets in winter (à la Clapham). Good on you.
What part of London should you live in after uni?

The East End

Just like the Guardian journalists and Corbynistas who populate Bethnal Green and Whitechapel, your favourite topic of conversation will become the plight of Peckham and Brixton at the hands of gentrification - all the while sipping an organic latte and trawling your Facebook newsfeed on a shiny new Mac. To your credit though, once you've settled in East London you'll quickly realise you'd prefer to go out somewhere interesting rather than spend weekends revisiting the same shit clubs. You're also more likely to want a career that means more than the figure on your payslip. Big up yourself.
What part of London should you live in after uni?


Yes, it conforms to a lot of the stereotypes you'd expect - skinny tall blokes wearing 90s umbro jackets, new romantic era haircuts and rollup cigs everywhere you look. However it's also the most fun part of London to live in. It has great access to the centre of London, and the parks in Haggerston and London Fields on a sunny day are unbeatable. Lucky you're not a soft touch, as it's pretty expensive in Hackney nowadays and you'll need to be earning decent wedge to afford it.
What part of London should you live in after uni?


Peckham is the up and coming area for grads moving to London - it's cheap, it's got great nightlife, and the commute to central isn't too long. It's home to arguably the best bar south of the river in the rooftop at Frank's Cafe, and there's a thriving culture scene. Hurry up and get there before it turns into the next Brixton.
What part of London should you live in after uni?


Within weeks of moving in, your bathroom will be lined with bottles of moustache wax and malodorous lavender skin ointment, bought from the local herbal remedy and antique furniture street stall. You will buy a pet parakeet, and name it Orlando. Your diet will consist of Vietnamese food from Kingsland Road and six-month old digestives. You will buy many furs and wear them to gallery openings in former textile warehouses. Yet despite all this, you'll carry the air of conformity when you go to your day job as a Creative in Advertising, PR or Media for a corporate brand.