Paula lived in a backpack for the first few months of her life. She was sold to some tourists, who immediately took her to an animal rescue. They could tell that Paula urgently needed some care.

They took her to Ape Action Africa

Paula was severely malnourished when she arrived at Ape Action Africa, but the animal lovers leaped into action to help the little lady

Paula, happy to be out of the backpack, on the way to the sanctuary

Paula spent a lot of time regaining her strength, eating Papaya and learning how to play. But chimps are social creatures, and Paula needed friends.

Paula, enjoying a Papaya

Enter Daphne and Larry; both rescue chimps themselves, they understood Paula better than anyone else ever could!

Paula and Daphne having a chat!

Paula has recovered incredibly well, she's big and strong, and she has two fantastic best friends! A real happy ending for this adorable little monkey!

Daphne, Larry, and Paula at lunch time! You can donate to Paula here! http://www.apeactionafrica.org/index