Red Dwarf

The Cat, Rimmer, Kryten and the last ever human Dave Lister are back for more of the cult sci-fi comedy later this year. Expect plenty of pesky aliens, ridiculous space adventures and quotable catchphrases. When's it out? It's scheduled to be landing on Dave (CH 127) this September, with a follow-up series due in 2017. Set your WishList™ now!

Cold Feet

The beloved British comedy drama is to return after a 13-year absence, and it's getting people quite excited. Laughter and tears are guaranteed as we catch up with the gang. When's it out? The new series will be arriving on ITV HD (CH 113) this autumn. Set your WishList™ now! In the meantime Virgin TV customers with the TV XL package can watch the first five series in On Demand right now!

Star Trek

The daddy of all sci-fi dramas is boldly going back on the box for a brand new series. Details are minimal at the moment, but we've been promised new crew members and fresh box of quality villains. When's it out? Netflix will be showing this hugely anticipated reboot at the start of 2017. Live long and prosper.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

TV’s wittiest mother-daughter duo are returning for a brand new miniseries of the hit noughties US drama, and even Melissa McCarthy is on board! It may look like quaint small-town America, but the humour is razor sharp and the pop culture references come thick and fast. When's it out? Rumour has it that Netflix will be airing the series before the end of 2016.

Twin Peaks

Production issues have dogged the return of David Lynch's cult drama about the weirdest town in the world, though it now looks to be back on track. When's it out? In classic Twin Peaks style it remains a bit of a mystery, but it's likely to be on screen next year.