Having to use a crappy knock-off controller because the official ones were too expensive.

Damn you, Mad Catz.

When blowing in your cartridges stopped magically fixing your games.

That's when you knew you were in trouble.

Trying to play your Game Boy Colour in the dark.

This really put your home engineering skills to the test.

Dealing with your scumbag brother screen watching all the time.

There's no way he could beat you otherwise.

Maxing out your memory card, forcing you to delete precious saves.

My blocks! My beautiful memory blocks!

This fucking level.

Fuck you, Nintendo.

Getting hyped up for Duke Nukem Forever, only to be kicked squarely in the nuts by disappointment.

Imagine running downstairs on Christmas morning to open the biggest present under the tree, then Father Christmas jumps out and does a big shit on you. Yeah, that.

Getting a Dreamcast, thinking the dream would last forever.

Dreamcast fans will tell you it was ahead of its time. Everyone else will tell you it was the most ridiculous thing they'd ever seen. Given that it almost destroyed Sega, you'd be inclined to believe the latter.

When your mum switched your game off before you got to a save point.

Even though you told her you weren't near one for at least another 10 minutes. Are you deaf or just stupid, Mum?

Having to return video games to Blockbuster before you had a chance to finish them.

Who's laughing now, Blockbuster? Who's laughing now?

Having to get one of these ridiculous things if you wanted more than two players.

Good job you had no friends, eh?

Having to buy cheat code books because it was the '90s and the internet was a precious commodity.

Do books even exist now?

Not forgetting the Game Shark cheat cartridges.

Having to sit on the floor to play games as the cable wouldn't reach the TV.

Getting kicked off the telly because your dad wanted to watch Time Team or some shit.

You just wait, Dad. One day I'll get my own TV, and when I do... this will cease to be a problem. Good, then.

Watching Nintendo slowly cannibalise itself and its beloved characters over the years, until it became the gutless shadow of its former self that it is today.

"Stoooop, he's already dead."

Rainbow Fucking Road.

Having to use an actual goddamn cable to link your Game Boys together.

Having a dickhead friend who always chose Oddjob on GoldenEye multiplayer.

Complex. Throwing Knives only. No Oddjob.

Literally crapping yourself at this moment in Resident Evil.

It might look like a bunch of pixels now, but back then this was a waking nightmare.

Finally (and we mean finally), the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

Goodnight, sweet prince.