He started working at 15 years old, doing all sorts of jobs just to make enough money for his education.

Education is a necessity. It is the only thing you can learn and gain, but something that cannot be taken from you. Sadly, not many people are financially able to support their children’s education. In a developing country like the Philippines where a large chunk of the population lives in poverty, education is almost impossible for many.

Jarel Barcelona Tadio was born to a poor family. Despite having big dreams of his own, Jarel believed that his family comes first. He wanted to study so bad but going to college would put his entire family in deep debt.

But his passion for studying always motivated him. And at a young age of 15, Jarel started working so that he can send himself to school. He started to work as a house help to earn enough money for college.

After he was able to save enough money, Jarel then started going to college while he continued to work as a house help. Of course, it wasn’t easy. He almost had no time for sleep as he had to work after coming back from school. But with sheer determination and hard work, Jarel was able to work through college, and even graduate as their batch’s magna cum laude!

“Difficulties and obstacles challenged my ability to work independently, to be a warrior. Honestly, I can’t still believe that this day would come; that a simple working student from TUAO, CAGAYAN VALLEY would become a consistent dean’s lister and would stand in front of THOUSANDS of people sharing my thoughts of inspiration,” Jarel said on his post.

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Let me start by saying: “A dream is a vision of a possibility which requires a driven mind and a resilient heart to turn…

Posted by Jarel Barcelona Tadio on Saturday, June 9, 2018