Instead of getting mad at her boyfriend (now ex), she remained calm and wanted to have an honest talk with him, but he refused to reply.

In a world where there are too many fish in the sea, many men (and women) cheat on their current partners for a variety of reasons. While there are those who claim to have fallen out of love, there are those who admitted having cheated to seek “adventure” outside of their current relationship. The best thing to do is to leave the relationship if you feel attracted to somebody else.

More often than not, cheaters would fire back at victims once confronted. They try to find faults in you and eventually make you feel that “you” are the one who is guilty for doubting on their loyalty. There are times when they would try to bring up all the mistakes from your past and make you feel low. But for some victims, the worst reaction they could get is being ignored. Some cheaters would rather keep silent and leave their partners, rather than talk about it and get the same result.

Facebook user Arjhei Almadin just caught her boyfriend cheating on her after he accidentally sent her a message intended for his “other” girlfriend. She remained calm and tried to talk to him by assuring him that she won’t get mad. However, her boyfriend refused to answer, leaving her confused about what was happening. When she could no longer handle the situation, she resorted to social media, where she asked netizens for advice.

Babe, matangkad ka no (Babe, you’re tall right?),” the message read. She knew it wasn’t for her as they don’t call each other “babe”. As it turned out, he was already meeting up with another girl, who (according to the “other woman”), didn’t know the man was already in a relationship.

Many netizens comforted her, while others praised her for finally finding the courage to leave the man who cheated and fooled her.

Girls, pag nahuli nyo yung bf nyo na ganito wag kayo agad agad mag isterikal. Kalma muna kayo, di naman makakabuti kung…

Posted by Arjhei Almadin on Sunday, January 7, 2018