“Teacher ka lang, SK ako!”

Without teachers, there are no professionals: this is a fact. Being a teacher is probably one of the most rewarding jobs out there but working as one is never an easy task. In the Philippines, teachers aren’t paid much, yet are required to work even when they are at home.

On the other hand, SK officials are considered to be the “role models” for many young adults and children. They are legitimate young government officials in the barangay, who, in one way or another, are required to at least exercise good conduct and good ethical standards, and to uphold the principle of public office.

However, one SK official is now under fire for allegedly disrespecting and insulting a pregnant teacher. According to the post on Facebook, a Sangguniang Kabataan councilor from Brgy. Virgen Delas Flores in Baliuag, Bulacan “belittled” a teacher, who was in assigned to write down names of parents and guests who are joining the Brigada Eskwela at the Virgen Delas Flores High School (VDFHS).

The post’s author claimed that the SK official arrived at the school at 9 in the morning. Knowing that the councilor was assigned in the SK federation’s education field, one pregnant teacher asked if he wanted to help in the Brigada. But instead of courteously accepting, the SK councilor suddenly said in a disrespectful tone: “Ano bay an ha? Ano ba yan?” (What is that, huh?)

“Kilala mo ba ako, nak? (Do you know me?)” the teacher, who was wearing civilian clothes, calmly asked the SK official. Angered by the question, the SK official answered back and said, “Ako, kilala mo ba ako? (Do you know me?)”

Shocked, the other teachers told the SK official “Nak, teacher yan! (She’s a teacher!)”

But instead of apologizing, the SK official allegedly said, “Teacher ka lang, SK ako! (You are just a teacher, I’m an SK official!)”

Many netizens were angered by the post, with many criticizing the young SK official for his rude behavior. Though the post has been recently taken down, we were able to retrieve a screenshot of the viral story on social media.