According to the netizen, not only did the tricycle driver’s breath smell foul, his shirt was swarming with head lice.

Included in the many lifestyle challenges jeepney, bus, and tricycle drivers face is staying clean and hygienic. Once on the road, they are exposed to dirt and pollution, making it hard to maintain a clean look until the end of the day. However, career professionalism does not just apply to office workers—drivers need to be wary of this too, especially when they mingle with hundreds of people every day.

One netizen was specifically disgusted at a tricycle driver whose shirt was swarming with head lice. According to Facebook user Primo Onipa, he noticed that the tricycle driver’s breath smelled extremely foul. He then noticed the lice on the back of the tricycle driver’s neck, prompting him to take a video and share it on social media.

According to Primo, he didn’t intend to shame the driver, but rather to raise awareness against people who do not take a bath often—especially when they work with other people. Primo also believes that the driver does not bath often and that his clothes aren’t washed for days.

Many netizens were disgusted at the driver’s poor hygiene, but there were some who wished Primo hadn’t shamed the driver on social media.

Sumakay ako Tricycle kanina…grabe maliban sa sobrang baho hininga…tingnan niyo dami kuto sa damit niya gumagalaw pa…

Posted by Primo Onipa on Monday, January 8, 2018