There’s always the class clowns, misfits, and outcasts. They usually enjoy a laugh or two at the teacher’s expense. But every once in a while the teacher gets the last laugh…

Here are 40 instances where the teacher wasn’t the butt of the joke, but the one laughing!

Photobomb Teacher

Classes can sometimes be dreadfully boring, but falling asleep outright is downright disrespectful – this teacher took advantage and photobombed a napping pupil!

Bermuda Triangle Award

This student, a boy named Josh, got the award for most assignments missing because he’d missed so much homework. The “Bermuda Triangle Award” he got from his teacher was a stroke of genius.


Cereal Killers

This student, writing a report on cereal killers (instead of the correct spelling “serial”) got a cheeky cartoon drawing instead of a critique.

Killing Teddy

This student thought it’d be funny to threaten the teacher’s teddy bear if they weren’t given an “A.” The teacher apparently wasn’t afraid and gave them a “C.”

Lord of the Rings

As a clever way of telling a student they weren’t excused, this teacher wrote a hall pass as Gandolf the White, indicating that the student “shall not pass!”

Giving Inspiration

Sick of their students looking at the clock during test time, this instructor taped a note on the clock that read: “Time is passing: Are You?”

Formal Essays

A student tried to get cute with their teacher, placing a smiley face instead of a period at the end of a formal essay. The teacher responded with the quote “Formal essays are never happy.”

Single Lady

When asked why Saturn had rings a student said, “Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it.” The teacher, recognizing the Beyoncé reference, wrote that “Saturn was NOT a single lady.”

Heavy Workload

This politically incorrect teacher thought it would be funny to clip his students’ papers with novelty clips that read “CRAP” and come in assorted colors.

Bubble Letters

Feeling a bit confused at their student’s choice in typeface, this teacher asked “who puts Satan in bubble letters?”

Mocking HIstory

In this case, a group of students replaced a teacher’s yearbook picture with that of an old general, probably because they looked alike. But for all we know, the teacher may have actually wanted their picture to look like this!

Student Talk

This teacher thought it would be funny to ask what would happen if Justin Beiber were thrown off a cliff … Wow, teach, tell us how you really feel!

Dream Crusher

In a morbid joke, this teacher explains that the stars students are wishing upon are, in fact, long dead – as are any chances of those wishes coming true.

Tough Love

With a sharp criticism punctuated with some encouraging advice, this teacher informed their student that the paper they wrote was the “worst” they’d written so far, and so they better “rock the presentation.”

Taking Selfies

These teachers got so fed up with their students on their cell phones that they confiscated one, only to fill it with a bunch of staff pictures for the student’s enjoyment.

Too Old!

This lazy teacher wrote that they were “too old” to read the student’s small writing, and simply asked what grade they wanted. We’ll go ahead and assume the student asked for an A+.

Meme Time

In a clever attempt to reach their students through humor, this teacher used a meme to show that Isaac Newton invented Calculus.

Merry Christmas

As a Christmas gift, this teacher dressed with a Santa hat on and left a tremendously difficult equation in the students’ stockings.

Pranking Students

It used to be the bullies that tied your shoelaces together with the intention of making you trip. This teacher noticed a student sleeping and did exactly that.

Extra Credit

As a trick question for extra credit, this teacher “rick-rolled” the entire class.

Liquid Cats

Another meme is used here to show the characteristics of liquid – as it turns out, cats too take the shape of the container they’re in.

Notice Board

And with another Beyoncé “Single Ladies” reference, this teacher tells their students if they want a grade, they “shoulda put ya name on it.”

Almost Free

We’re learning that teachers really like Lord of the Rings. On a student’s final assignment, they drew a comic of a stick-figure crawling, saying “Almost … free!” The teacher’s humorous response read: “You shall not pass.”

Understanding Students

This student claims that using the excuse of listening to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was enough to get away with being late.

Caught Out

This teacher pointed out that body language was enough to tell that their students were using their cell phones, and decided to tell them with a funny note.

Weird Pencils

These pencils revealed a student’s love for Justin Bieber so much that a pic had to be taken and shared.

Darth Vader

This teacher thought it would be funny to dress as Darth Vader for class – we’ll go ahead and assume it was Halloween.

Mozart’s Dead

This teacher was so displeased with their student’s piano playing ability that unless they were Mozart, they had to ask to use it.

Young Love

In a corny attempt to let their students know that their PDA didn’t go unnoticed, these teachers made a Notebook poster letting them know.

Epic Comeback

This student liked their teacher’s comeback so much they had to share it on social media. “Keep rolling your eyes,” the teacher wrote, “you might find a brain back there.”

I’ll Be Back

For some reason this student wrote “I’ll be back” as a caption on a cartoon on their extra credit assignment. Maybe the teacher looked like the Terminator?

Sweet Teacher

This creative teacher left a sweet note for their students at the end of the school year.

Practice Makes Perfect

This music instructor pulled no punches when it came to letting their students know that practice makes perfect!

Being Kids

Maybe it was the trend of taking silly pictures at weddings and friends and family functions that drove these teachers to act funny in their school’s yearbook photos. Either way, pretty creative!

Bringing Pens

As a form of humiliation, this teacher gave his students quills to write with if they didn’t bring the proper school supplies.

Working Hard

To show how dedicated a teacher they are, this instructor made a funny meme for their students informing them that while they enjoy their weekends, teachers have to work …

Pew Study

To bring humor into the classroom, this teacher used a “Pew” cat meme to illustrate the results of a Pew study.

Cool But Hot

Here we see a teacher using a makeshift blowtorch to kill a spider. Not sure whether this is laughable or not, as it’s dangerous, but at least it’s entertaining!

Protesting Finals

In an act to show sympathy for the students who had to wake up extra early for finals, this teacher decided to show up in his PJs.

Totally Baffled

Students in math courses know it’s not about answering correctly all the time, but showing your work. This student may have gotten away with it, but the teacher made it clear that the work didn’t match the answer, which happened to be correct.

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