This world would be incomplete without our beloved dogs. From being a loyal friend, to becoming life-savers and joy-givers, they make our lives a lot more bearable and meaningful. All the moments filled with warm cuddles, zippy play times and pure irresistible cuteness are greatly cherished and will forever remain with us. The thought of them instantly draws a smile on our faces. We can’t count all the times they made us giggle our hearts out and endlessly brighten up our days. All these things rolled together is what keeps our everlasting bond with dogs. And to strengthen this reality, here are 37 funny photos that perfectly explain why we all love dogs.

1. Please save the tree.

2. His piece of heaven on earth.

3. When he knows how to win your heart.

4. Who turned off the lights?

5. This dressed up cutie.

6. You bet I am.

7. It’s okay, I can  walk myself.

8. Gotta have that fry.

9. Get that thing out of here.

10. Hello friends!