Cats don’t usually like to go to the groomer, and that’s pretty obvious if you know their temperament just a little bit.
Unfortunately for them, going to the groomer can be necessary at times. What’s not necessary, at least from our little furry friends’ point of view, is to let the groomer express his creativity by executing fancy cuts like the “lion cut”, or even worse, the “dragon cut”.
Sure, these cuts may be funny for us to see, but according to the following list of pictures, compiled by Just Something, it looks like cats aren’t approving the results.
If you need an idea about what to ask your cat groomer the next time, or just need your daily dose of cat drama, scroll through these photos of cats that were taken to the groomer and are already planning their revenge, and let you know what you think in the comments below.

1. This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take the cat to the groomer.

2. I had to get my cat shaved, and now he looks like a bobble head.

3. The owner isn’t getting away with it.

4. Not sure what the groomer had in mind.

5. Sleep lightly, human.

6. Cat went to the groomer today, with some pretty interesting results.

7. Don’t try to do this again.

8. Why did you do this to me.

9. Put my fur back on me, hooman.

10. Wife’s coworker dropped off Himalayan cat at the groomer. There was some miscommunication and the cat came back with a “lion cut”.