Most of us roam around the internet just to look for a bunch of endorphin inducing stuff. We mainly do this as a way of detaching ourselves from our mundane routines. Well, if you can totally relate to that, we know there’s nothing else that can perk you the most other the reigning internet darlings, the feline kin. They never disappoint, and they’re here to once again bring you a glorious amount of euphoria.  Although you’ve already seen many, you’ll never get enough their amusing schemes. Witness their incredible perking powers though the following hilarious photos showing what living with a cat actually means.

1. My cat always finds the most appropriate place to spend his time

2. When you’re home they are never there, when you are going away they suddenly care

3. Cats rule the universe

4. Sometimes they lose their battles too

5. You know it more than you’d like to admit. You cat is your master

6. They never allow you more bed time than you deserve

7. When they commit a crime, often they play as the victim

8. They secretly miss you when you’re away

9. What’s yours it theirs. What’s theirs is theirs.

10. They just don’t care

11. They win your heart you with just one stare

12. And you’re not allowed to touch their stuff

13. Together, you’ll conquer the cold

14. And they know what true comfort looks like

15. You must obey your king

16. Who happens to be also a furry burrito

17. The have a vague idea of personal space

18. And love snuggly places

19. They only move when they want to

20. And every time you have to go to work their face looks like this

21. You never know where they are, because they’re effortless master of disguise