Everybody knows the internet loves a good hilarious, embarrassing photo…

And as long as you’re not the embarrassé, it’s safe to assume you probably get a kick out of them too. We’re not sure why we like to look at embarrassing photos of random people, but we’ve all been there. It feels wrong; but it feels oh, so right. So, we gathered the most embarrassing, cringeworthy, and hilarious images on the world wide web, and compiled them for your viewing pleasure….

Nice Hats Amigo

Just covering up

It’s always best when sunbathing to make sure you are wearing the right kind of suncream to protect you from all those harmful rays. It’s also very important to wear a hat, and as this picture demonstrates, that is not restricted just to the head….At least not just the one on your shoulders.

Embarrassing Facedive

nose dive

This classic was taken on a beach somewhere by someone. And while we don’t know the specifics, the image really speaks for itself, and is one of the most cringeworthy in today’s list. The one blonde woman in the blue bikini is just about to sit up, probably to drink some water, when her buddy facedives into the hot sand without warning. Whoever was there with their camera at this exact moment deserves a prize for good timing.

When you Think Nobody’s Looking

She had an itch

This is more of an inadvertent photobomb than anything else, and the woman in the jeans looks innocent enough as she enjoys her stroll on the beach….It’s the woman in the background who is the star of this pic. Isn’t it amazing what people do when they think nobody is looking.

Body Graffiti

sunblock lotion design

Ah, the old suncream on the back while someone sleeps in the sun trick….Poor woman….as she innocently lays tanning, catching some badly needed rays, some wise guy (or gal) decides some body graffiti in suncream is due. Just imagine the tan marks on this sunbather when she wakes up from her snooze in the sun…..At least noone can see her face in this highly embarrassing pic.

The Hands of God?

Shadow grab

We know, the title on this one isn’t appropriate, but we just couldn’t resist. We wouldn’t resist any more than this guy could, as he saw a perfect kodak moment to photobomb these two lovely ladies as they tanned their back on the beach. Who could resist such an opportunity? We don’t think we could…

Oy! That’s My Hat!

Bird thief

Number 6 today isn’t so much embarrassing as it is a very well-timed shot. The old fella is enjoying a brisk walk on the sea front when this seagull comes and pinches his cap. We don’t think there’s much to be embarrassed about, but this certainly is an image worth sharing….

Doggo Bit Off More Than He Could Chew

A true classic… This pup seems to have bitten off a little more than he can chew. The potential for cringeworthy jokes on this one is massive, but we will refrain, as best we can. Suffice it to say that this picture went viral on social media and there’s good reason why!

What’s That in Your Pocket?

Another really happy guy

Oh dear, which guy hasn’t been there? When the one-eyed sea monster just pops up, uninvited and embarrasses the heck out of you, usually in public. There’s nothing you can do, you just have to wait for him to chill and hope not too many people saw. Let alone hoping that nobody managed to take a picture of it!

Hope this Never Happens to you

Playing catch

A frisbee to the face, ouchie! Not to mention way embarrassing. In fact, the only good thing about it for the poor victim in this pic is the fact that nobody knows who she is as the flying object totally covers her face. Nevertheless, this woman in the “Fitch” t-shirt made it onto today’s gallery, and she made it in style!

Embarrassing but for Who?

Don't climb on the pipe

The people on the pipe or the beach authorities who put the dumb sign there? Wasn’t it obvious to them that this black pipe is too tempting not to climb on and play around with? We aren’t saying the kids in this picture should be embarrassed, even if they are totally flouting the rules on the beach!

Hole in One?

Beached wood

Yeah we know, this one is stages but still. Both the man and the woman’s faces are in clear view for all to see their little prank. Not strictly considered embarrassing by most, but certainly worthy of a place at number 11 in our gallery. Don’t you agree? Or are you too busy looking at the girl and wondering…..

What’s That Thing Called?

Kids checking out the shower

We chuckled hard when we saw this classic embarrassing picture for the first time. One has to always beware when using public facilities like bathrooms on the beach. But these two little fellas’ curiosity got the better of them it seems, and who can blame them?

Well excuse me!

Wow face

A perfectly timed pic at number 13 today, as you can see for yourself. This bather was simply getting into or exiting the swimming pool, when a guy nearby spots the sight and the expression on his face really says it all. Again, a great example of a well-timed picture, but certainly cringeworthy enough for us!

Inappropriate Beachwear

Just hanging out

Once you get over the stunningness of the perfect looking blonde in the hat, your eyes drift to the back of the frame. I mean who is this blonde beauty? Could it be Pamela Anderson in the flesh? Looks a lot like her. But in reality, the star of this picture is the woman laying in the water, wearing just her bra and overlarge panties, which are totally see through from the water.

What Diet are you On?

Woman laying while baby sits

We heard the Paleo diet is pretty effective when it comes to weight loss, but this is ridiculous! It takes a second, but once you realize what’s going on in this pic it’s innocent enough. Either way, this is an image with great cringe potential, and we think it’s often the innocent ones which are the best and the most shareable.

Happy to See me?

This guy is a little too happy

These two beachgoers just couldn’t resist this selfie…Who could if you consider the man in the speedos in the background talking on his cellphone? We think the look on the girl taking the selfie’s face is priceless, and we wonder if the guy even knew there was a party going on down south.

Young Photographer of the Year

Kid caught taking a picture of woman

The woman being pictured here has a lot to look sassy about. While the rest of the beachgoers go about their business, the pre-pubescent teen with the digital camera just can’t resist, and takes a snap of the girl’s butt. We’re not sure he got the young photographer of the year award, but he should have!

“Yep, It’s Still There”

Girl looking in Guy's Pants

This one really tickled us, but not as much as it likely tickled the chap being inspected. It’s hard to know what was going on here or why, what is clear is that this guy’s girlfriend felt she needed to give him a spot check right there on the beach, inside the water.

[Featured image credit: www.jokeroo.com]