A Chinese grill in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, has left viral for offered a new world’s many costly beef noodle soup, labelled during a whopping 13,800 yuan ($2,014).

The outrageously costly “Haozhonghao Beef Noodle Soup” sole during a Niu Gengtian restaurant in Shijiazhuang has been removing a lot of courtesy on Chinese amicable media after a print of a menu display a cost went viral online. Considering that a play of a now second many costly beef noodle soup sole by Taiwan’s Niu Ba Ba grill costs “only” $329, it’s easy to see because this 13,800 yuan ($2,014) soup has turn a speak of a town.

Photo: Hebnews.cn

So what makes Haozhonghao soup so expensive? Well, it’s tough to say, really. Local media visited a grill and asked a manager, surnamed Yan, a same question, though didn’t get many information. The male pronounced that a sweetmeat is prepared regulating 12 unequivocally costly mixture – 4 from a “sky”, 4 from “land” and 4 from “sea” – though didn’t go into sum about them. He also mentioned that it takes 12 chefs to ready a soup, and that an sequence contingency be placed a month in advance, so all a indispensable mixture can be procured.

Haozhonghao soup was combined to a restaurant’s menu 6 months ago, and Yan pronounced that he has sole 4 bowls of it given afterwards to financially affluent business owners. In response to accusations that he is scamming his customers, a manager pronounced that a cost of a mixture and of a cooking routine is so high that he doesn’t unequivocally make any income offered a soup.

Photo: Twoeggz.com

At first, many people who saw a print of a menu and a 13,800 yuan cost suspicion that it was a fun or a elementary typo, but Sin Chew Daily and other media outlets that visited a grill after reliable that a cost was real.

In light of these revelations, Chinese netizens joked that a beef noodle soup was some-more costly than a cow, while others indicted government of regulating it as a gimmick to foster a restaurant. Some even told a Xiaxi District Pricing Bureau of Shijiazhuang City about a outrageously labelled soup, though officials there put out a matter that as prolonged as a cost is clearly settled to customers, there is zero bootleg about it, so a business has no right to intervene.


So if you’ve got $2,000 to bake on a soup, conduct on over to Shijiazhuang. Just remember that we have to sequence it a month in advance, so improved devise in advance.