Miracle Milly, a six-year-old Chihuahua from Puerto Rico, was awarded a pretension of World’s Most Cloned Dog, by a Guinness Book of Records, after scientists in South Korea combined a whopping 49 genetically-identical copies of her.

The argumentative Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, South Korea, has been formulating pet clones given 2006, and final year they approached Vanesa Semler, Milly’s owners about a probability of formulating clones of a darling pooch to try and solve a genetic poser that done her special. You see, Mily is no typical Chihuahua. She’s hold a Guinness record for World’s Smallest Living Dog given 2012, and scientists have been wanting to know accurately what done her so tiny. So in Aug 2017, Sooam researchers started creation clones of Miracle Milly, a series of that has now reached 49.

Photo: Academy of World Records

Sooam uses a same 50-year-old record that was used to counterpart Dolly a sheep, in 1996 – chief transfer. First, cells are harvested from a animal to be cloned and a nucleus, which contains a genetic information, is private and preserved. Next an egg dungeon is performed from a donor and a iota is transposed with that of a pet to be cloned. The mutated egg dungeon is given a diseased electric startle to kindle division, and a few days after a bud is placed in a broker mother, that doesn’t even have to be of a same multiply as a pet to be cloned, only of identical size.

The initial spawn of Miracle Milly clones was innate in Aug of final year. Now all 12 pooches – Molly, Mally, Melly, Molly, Mumu, Mila, Mary, Mimi, Moni, Mini, Mela and Mulan – live with the Semler family, in Kissimmee, Florida and suffer any other association really much. Vanessa says that Milly and her clones have accurately a same celebrity and looks, though some of a clones are somewhat incomparable than a original. Since afterwards researchers during Sooam have combined 37 other clones of a world’s smallest dog.

“The strange thought was to make 10 clones in total, 9 for investigate and one for us, though they motionless to counterpart her some-more times,” Vanessa Semler told Caters News. “She was selected for being a smallest dog in a world. They wish to find out because she was so little and afterwards investigate her genes to find out what creates her so tiny.”

“The clones all demeanour like her, though they aren’t her, they are somewhat opposite in size,” Milly’s owners added. “They are honeyed and loving, though Milly is unique, while they have a same eyes and markings on their coats, in my opinion we could never imitate her.”


Researchers during Sooam now devise to group adult with specialists during a Beijing Genomics Institute to characterize a genetic and epi-genetic factors of a cloned Milly and a strange Milly.

via Academy of World Records