The supposed “fish in collarbone challenge” has women stuffing their collarbone gash with H2O and put one or some-more live fish into it to uncover off how spare they are.

The weird aptness plea originated in China around 3 years ago, though recently went viral on amicable media in other countries around Asia. This arrange of hurdles have turn unequivocally renouned in China in new years, as people started holding to amicable media to uncover off their physique, though this one has to be one of a dumbest yet. Not usually is a abyss of a person’s clavicle gash a bad approach of measuring their aptness turn – not with so many opposite physique forms anyway – though it’s also vicious to a fish.

Who knows how many of these bad fish were incidentally forsaken or wiggled their approach out of a tiny collarbone puddles for a small compensation of these vain people?

Despite a apparent irrationality of a “fish in collarbone challenge” it was indeed utterly a disturb in China a few years ago. A waterpark in Chongqing indeed hold a contest, mouth-watering women to put live fish in their collarbone indentations for a possibility to win giveaway tickets. “It stays misleading either a fish survived a ‘fitness tests’,” a GB Times reported during a time.

In box we haven’t already figured it out, spare women with distinguished collarbones are deliberate some-more appealing in China.