A 22-year-old womanlike fan of a strike TV uncover “The Vampire Diaries” who deliberate herself a real-life vampire heroine Elena Gilbert was recently condemned to dual and a half years in jail after stabbing a male that she allegedly deliberate a werewolf.

The uncanny conflict occurred in a Russian city of Novosibirsk, behind in February. Ekaterina Tirskaya, a fan of supernatural-themed video games and TV shows, met her unnamed plant on amicable media, and, after conflict it off online, a dual motionless to accommodate adult in chairman as well. They went for a date and when it came time to call it a night, a male reportedly asked Ekaterina if she wanted to come to his place for a nightcap. She accepted, and as it mostly happens in such cases, a dual finished adult spending a night together. But things got uncanny a following morning, as a male after told military that a lady he woke adult subsequent to was really opposite than a one he had bedded. And by different, he meant aroused vampire out for blood.

Photo: DeeDee51/Pixabay

Ekaterina’s plant claims that a 22-year-old lady woke adult a subsequent day and out of a blue told him that she was a vampire. He, on a other hand, was an atheist, so he told her that he didn’t trust in a supernatural, and that she should leave. But as he attempted to go to a bathroom, a self-confessed vampire grabbed a blade and attempted to gash him. The repelled male reportedly managed to squeeze her arm and combat a blade out of her hand, though she fast grabbed another one and managed to gash him in a chest with it. With no wooden spikes or holy H2O on hand, a male had no choice though to run out a doorway of his unit and start knocking on his neighbors’ doors while cheering for help.

Luckily for a victim, some of his neighbors came to his aid, conquering a “vampire” while others called a police. A military news after showed that when questioned by officers about a unprovoked attack, Tirskaya simply told them that she was Elena Gilbert, a categorical womanlike protagonist of a strike TV array The Vampire Diaries and that she had attempted to kill a enemy, that in this box was a werewolf.

Photo: Elena Gilbert/The Vampire Diaries

The uncanny conflict took place roughly a year ago, though following a psychiatric analysis that resolved that Ekaterina Tirskaya was of sound mind, a abnormal fan was usually recently convicted to dual and a half years in prison. Judges also ruled that she should compensate her plant 330,000 rubles ($5,000) in earthy and romantic damages.

Ekaterina’s plant survived a gash wound, though has nonetheless to redeem mentally. The Komsomolskaya Pravda journal reports that he mislaid his job, is now saying a therapist and mostly has nightmares about a blonde “vampire” he met on a internet.