A Michigan lady spent 5 days stranded in her possess bathtub after apropos incompetent to strech a handrail she routinely used to lift herself out. She was discovered interjection to a observant postman who beheld that she wasn’t picking adult her mail as usual.

54-year-old Alison Gibson became a restrained in her possess lavatory on Oct 15. She lied down in her bathtub as she routinely did, though after finishing her bath, a lady found herself incompetent to strech a steel handrail she used to lift herself behind up. She apparently had her behind incited to it and there was no approach for to squeeze a reason of it, so she was fundamentally stranded there. To make matters worse, she had left her phone in another room, so she couldn’t call anyone for help.

Photo: MikesPhotos/Pixabay

“When we get down there, we couldn’t get behind out,” Gibson told internal news hire WJRT-TV “Because (the handrail) was behind me, we couldn’t get myself incited around to get a reason of it, that we customarily use to get out.”

‘I fundamentally only sat there,” a 54-year-old, who lives alone, added. “When we got cold, we ran a prohibited water. When we got thirsty, we took a splash out of a cold water. That’s about it, try to find a approach to get out.”

Unfortunately, Gibson couldn’t find a approach to get out of a bathtub or hit someone for assistance for 5 days. She would have substantially remained stranded there even longer, if not for a observant postal workman who, after seeing a mail pier adult in her mail box on Oct 19, told her neighbors. Some of them went to a behind of her residence and called out her name, and, after conference a lady scream behind for help, called 911.


Police officers entered Alison Gibson’s residence by a window and, after opening a doorway to he bathroom, found a lady fibbing on her behind in a bathtub. She was in good spirits, though a lavatory itself had seen improved days.

“In a lavatory when we non-stop a doorway a behind of it was lonesome in mold, a floors were shower wet, a paint on a walls was effervescent from all of a moisture and indeed a roof was drizzling wet,” Lansing Police Chief Stacey Wilborn told Inside Edition.

The lady was taken to a internal sanatorium and hold there for regard for 4 days, though her surprising jail seemed to have had no vital health impact on her. She was liberated in good condition and motionless to pronounce out about her distress to appreciate her neighbors and a postal workman for their help.

Gibson told reporters that she skeleton to have a walk-in bathtub commissioned as shortly as possible.