A 19-year-old proffer firefighter from western Pennsylvania was recently charged with arson, rapist effect and risking disaster after allegedly environment dual houses on glow out of boredom.

Last month, military in Munhall, a village located about 8 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, arrested Ryan Laubham, a internal proffer firefighter, for allegedly environment glow to a span of assigned homes on Dec 3 and 10. After interviewing witnesses and checking CCTV footage, authorities identified Laubham as a primary think in both cases, and he himself certified to a crimes, observant that he had set a houses on glow since he was bored.

Photo: skeeze/Pixabay

On Dec 10, military and firefighters were alerted about a residence glow in a 100 retard of Crawford Avenue shortly before 3 a.m.. The owners of a home told initial responders that she was sleeping on her cot in a vital room when she unexpected awakened to thick fume and crackling of flames. While a lady was being questioned, one of her neighbors approached a military officers and told them that someone had set glow to his behind porch usually a week before.

Fire investigators dynamic that both fires were started intentionally, and military non-stop an investigation. While checking confidence camera footage from several homes in a neighborhood, investigators saw a male regulating in an alley behind a travel where both fires had been set, after observant a military cars coming a site of a Dec 10 fire. Interestingly, a male waited for a cruisers to pass by and afterwards walked into Munhall’s No. 4 glow station.

Another video showed a same male withdrawal and afterwards re-entering a residence in a 100 retard of Lawrence Street, that was after dynamic to be Ryan Laubham’s home. Court papers uncover that when he was initial approached by police, a think pronounced that he was during home on a night of a second fire, personification video games. After being sensitive about a confidence camera footage, a 19-year-old altered his story, observant that he had left his home to revisit his girlfriend.

As investigators pulpy on with their questions, a immature proffer firefighter finally certified to starting both fires, regulating gasoline for a Dec 10 arson, and paper towels for a one he had started a week before. He was charged with 5 arson associated charges, dual depends of causing or risking a disaster and dual depends of rapist mischief, and was sent to county jail after unwell to cover a $200,000 bond.


On Jan 2nd, Ryan Laubham waived his rough hearing, so his box will be going to trial. Talking to reporters, his counsel pronounced he was frightened and shaken about a charges.

“He’s scared. He’s a immature male who has a splendid earnest future. He’s nervous,” pronounced Casey White, Laubham’s lawyer.

As crazy as firefighters environment fires sounds, this is indeed a comparatively visit occurrence. It even has a name, “firefighter arson“, and according to a National Volunteer Fire Council, there are around 100 cases of firefighter arson arrests each year, in a US. Boredom, along with a awaiting of removing courtesy for responding to a fires they have set are a dual categorical motives cited by offenders.

Firefighter arson is not only an American problem. Last year, 3 firefighters in Germany were indicted of being concerned in over 30 arson attacks and causing roughly $3 million in damages. Apparently, their forgive was a perfect delight of putting out fires…