Photos of a tiny residence on a Vietnamese island of Hon Thom have removing a lot of courtesy on amicable media for a singular blockade done exclusively out of rejected aged radio sets.

The surprising residence is reportedly located on a highway to Hon Thom wire automobile and is really renouned with tourists, for apparent reasons. After all, it’s not each day that we pass by a blockade assembled out of old, though somehow total radio sets. How those old cathode ray tubes haven’t been cracked by clever winds or vandals is a mystery, as is a reason since a owners motionless on this sold element for a fence. Perhaps a radio repairman lives there, or maybe someone only hoarded them and one day motionless to put them to good use. Whatever a reason, there’s no denying that a blockade is a good approach to attract attention.

Facebook user Thanh Tien took some photos of a singular house while visiting Hom Thom with his family, and recently posted on a renouned organisation called Khong so cho (Fearless Dogs) where they captivated a lot of attention. Contacted for sum about a fence, Tien couldn’t say  most about it, aside from a fact that it’s not his residence and that it only looked cool.

While some users voiced their indebtedness for a residence owner’s ingenuity, others questioned either building an outside blockade out of aged TV sets was such a good idea; not indispensably since of their thin nature, though since they are a jeopardy both to tiny children and a environment. For example, if a child were to incidentally get to tighten and mangle one of those cathode ray tubes, they could get severely injured, not to discuss all a poisonous elements contained in these aged sets, like mercury and lead that get cleared into a earth when it rains.

Ah, who knows, maybe these people are only sceptical that they didn’t consider of this TV set blockade first. It has reportedly been around for a few years now, and no one seems to be angry about it. If anything, people adore carrying their design taken there, and even sitting down on a aged TVs on their approach to a wire car.

So if you’re ever in Hom Thom and looking for something truly unique, be certain to stop by a residence with a TV set fence.