A cafeteria in Venice, Italy has been slammed as a traveller trap after recently charging a man €43 ($50) for  dual espressos and dual tiny bottles of water.

Venice’s St. Marks Square is famous for a notoriously pricey cafes and restaurants, yet one such investiture has been removing a lot of disastrous courtesy online after a check of €43 for dual espressos and dual tiny bottles of H2O went viral online. Juan Carlos Bustamente, a 62-year-old Chilean domestic consultant now vital in Italy, posted a receipt from Caffe Lavena on his Facebook page and it fast went viral, with many commenters expressing their snub about a insanely high prices.

Photo: ChrisSampson87/Wikimedia Commons

“I don’t know how we feel about it, yet 43 euros for dual coffees and dual bottles of H2O is outrageous!” Bustamante wrote on his Facebook page, and many people seem to determine with him. Posted about a week ago, a a 62-year-old’s print of a receipt has been common scarcely 10,000 times on Facebook alone and has perceived over 1,800 comments, mostly from angry people.

Bustamante’s Facebook post eventually perceived worldwide media attention, that stirred a greeting from Caffe Laverna. A orator recently told reporters that prices are unequivocally clearly settled in a menus, yet tourists usually don’t compensate courtesy to them and afterwards finish adult angry when they get a bill.

“People get angry when a check arrives since they do not listen when we palm them a menu even yet it states clearly adequate that prices are aloft to lay outside. They usually call us divided and if we insist they get irritated.” a orator said. “If they usually wish a coffee they can have it during a bar for 1.25 euros. If they wish to lay outward and suffer a song of a orchestra, demeanour during a bell building and a Basilica of St Mark’s, afterwards they are profitable for an wholly opposite experience.”

This reason didn’t seem to damp a angry masses, many of whom took to TripAdvisor reviews to relate their possess disastrous use during Caffe Laverna.

“We naively didn’t demeanour during a menu before grouping H2O and coffee for a family of five. €78 (£69)!!! Including €11 (£9) per latte and €9 (£8) for a potion of divert for a 3 year old. Avoid during all costs,” one traveller wrote.

“Positives: a view, a music, a Aperol spritz. Negatives: a cost that suggests a plates are done of bullion and a food would be Michelin star (spoiler: it’s not),” another chairman print on TripAdvisor.


The Telegraph recently reported that Caffe Laverna has had to understanding with complaints about a vast prices for years. For example, in 2013, after a organisation of congregation took to Facebook to demonstrate their snub about their €95 ($109) receipt for four espresso coffees laced with liqueurs. Then-manager Massimo Milanese offering a unequivocally identical explanation:

“The prices are there for everybody to see, there unequivocally is no doubt. It is for business to confirm either they wish to have a coffee station adult during a bar, or to lay down in a piazza. The cafeteria was determined in 1750 so we are one of a many ancestral in Venice. It was patronised by Richard Wagner and many other famous people. It’s partial of a city’s history.”

But while Caffe Laverna might be in a spotlight right now, it’s positively not a usually cafeteria in Venice to assign vast prices for what a call “the experience”. With an augmenting series of complaints from traveller per this practice, a city’s mayor betrothed to examine and step in if necessary.

“If this infamous part is confirmed, we’ll do all we can to retaliate those responsible. We are for probity – always,” mayor Luigi Brugnaro pronounced in response to the case of 4 Japanese tourists who had allegedly been charged €100 for a image of boiled fish, 4 steaks and a bottle of booze during an unnamed grill tighten to St Mark’s Square.