Mariam Nabatanzi, a 40-year-old lady from Uganda’s Mukono District has been dubbed a African country’s many fruitful lady after it was reported that she has given birth to 44 children.

In her home encampment of Kabimbiri, executive Uganda, Mariam Nabatanzi is famous as Nalongo Muzaala Bana (the twin mom that produces quadruplets) and that nickname is well-earned. In a 18 years that she spent being profound via her 40 year life, a lady has given birth to 6 sets of twins, 4 sets of triplets, 3 sets of quadruples, as good as a few singular births. Out of a 44 children that she brought into this world, 38 are still alive today, many of them still vital during a family home. Mariam is a singular mother, and nonetheless providing for such a vast family, she somehow manages to put adequate food on a list for everyone.


Mariam’s life has never been easy. At age 12, she was married off to a male 28 years her senior, after flourishing an assassination try by her stepmother. She claims that a lady put dejected potion in a food and managed to kill her 4 siblings. She usually survived given she was divided during a time, though her relatives still managed to get absolved of her, by marrying her off to a many comparison male who physically abused her whenever she pronounced or did something he didn’t like.

“My father was polygamous with many children from his past relations who we had to take caring of given their mothers were sparse all over,” Mariam told Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper. “He was also aroused and would kick me during any event he got even when we suggested an thought that he didn’t like.”

Nabatanzi gave birth to her initial children, a set of twins, in 1994, during a immature age of 13. Two year later, she had her initial set of triplets, and scarcely dual years after that, she birthed quadruplets. While that might seem surprising to many people, Mariam didn’t find it bizarre during all, given she had seen it before. Her father had 45 children with several women, and she claims that they all came in sets of quintuplets, quadruples, twins and triplets.

Dr. Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist during Mulago Hospital, in Kampala, Uganda, told a Daily Monitor that a means of Mariam’s impassioned flood is many expected genetic: “Her box is genetic proclivity to hyper-ovulate (releasing mixed eggs in one cycle), that significantly increases a possibility of carrying multiples; it is always genetic.”

Mariam had always dreamed of carrying 6 children, though by her sixth pregnancy, she had already given birth to 18 babies, and she wanted to stop. She went to a sanatorium for help, though after regulating some tests, a gynecologist there told her that interfering with her flood in any approach would have put her life during risk.


“Having these unfertilized eggs amass poses not usually a hazard to destroy a reproductive complement though can also make a lady remove their lives,” Dr Ahmed Kikomeko from Kawempe General Hospital confirmed.

“I was suggested to keep producing given putting this on reason would meant death. we attempted regulating a Inter Uterine Device (IUD) though we got ill and vomited a lot, to a indicate of nearby death. we went into a coma for a month ,” Mariam recalls.

By age 23, Mariam already had 25 children, so she went to a sanatorium again, though she was told that zero could be done, given her egg count was still really high. However, Dr. Kiggundu claims that there are procedures that can be carried out to forestall women apropos pregnant, though adds that many of them usually don’t know about them.

Mariam Nabatanzi’s flood woes finally came to an finish in Dec of 2016, after a birth of her final baby, as she claims a alloy told her that he had “cut my uterus from inside”. Dr. Kiggundu pronounced this was many expected tubal ligation.

It’s tough to suppose a mom lifting 38 children by herself, though Mariam somehow managed to do usually that. Her father is frequency ever around, and whenever he does come by, he sneaks in during a night and leaves before a kids have a possibility to see him. 23-year-old Charles, a woman’s eldest son, told a Daily Monitor that he had final seen his father when he was usually 13, and that some of his siblings have never even seen him.

“I can absolutely tell we that a siblings do not know what father looks like. we final saw him when we was 13 years aged and usually quickly in a night given he rushed off again,” Charles said.


Mariam’s father usually comes home about once each year, and when he does, he is always dipsomaniac and violent. He doesn’t yield for a family during all, so that weight is only on her. The lady pronounced that he wasn’t even around to name some of a children in person, doing it by phone instead.

“I lift these humiliations given my aunt suggested me to always continue in matrimony and have my children as a core of focus. She suggested me not to furnish children from opposite men,” a dedicated mom said.

In sequence to take caring of her family, Mariam Nabatanzi will take any work available. She administers internal spices for several illnesses – that she says she has finished given she was a immature girl, though also takes infrequent jobs like plaiting hair and styling brides for weddings, as good as holding caring of decorations for several events. She does anything she can to put food on a list for her children.

“Everything is only from my pocket; we buy 10kg of maize flour a day, 4 kilograms of sugarine a day and 3 bars of soap. we need to have Shs100, 000 during a slightest on a daily basement to have a family catered for. God has been good to me for they have never left a day but a meal,” Mariam said.


After a Daily Monitor featured Mariam Nabatanzi’s story in Apr of final year, a crowdfunding debate was set adult for her on GoFundMe. It managed to lift $10,000 in usually over a month.