Who Paid 99 Cents? is a dumb website that charges extraordinary visitors a customary price of 99 cents for a possibility to see a list of people who had formerly paid 99 cents for a same reason.

Would we compensate 99 cents and share your credit label sum with a puzzling website usually to see who else was crazy adequate to do a same? If so, know that you’re not a usually one. Dozens of people have already paid a customary price usually to have a demeanour during a list of people who had formerly finished a accurate same thing. Interestingly, if we wish to check a list again to see if any new names uncover up, we have to compensate 99 cents again. It’s genius!

The website itself is really elementary and doesn’t exhibit really much. All we see is a Who Paid 99 Cents header, some fields for your name, email residence and credit label number, as good as a See Who Paid 99 Cents button. The excellent imitation during a bottom reads “Your name will be public. Obviously. That’s a point. Just use a feign one if we want. Your receipt will be emailed to you.” and underneath that, in even smaller print, a makers of a site let we know that “All sales are final. Please don’t sue us.”

Photo: Who Paid 99 Cents?

Business Insider’s Sean Wolfe recently took a jump of faith and schooled that 43 people before him had paid a 99 cents. However, many of a names on a list seemed to be fake. Some people plugged their SoundCloud profiles and other usually put in lines like “9/11 was an inside job”.

Who Paid 99 Cents? is apparently a brainchild of Thinko, a mechanism party studio formed in Brooklyn. New York. Contacted by Business Insider, Thinko’s Pasquale D’Silva pronounced that they like building humorous things and fundamentally combined a website to make people laugh.

“People are profitable since it gives them something humorous they can speak about,” D’Silva said. “I consider people like a feeling of creation other people giggle too. It’s usually good energy. Especially given that it’s during their expense.”

Photo: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

As for a income that a website will raise, D’Silva says a association will usually use it to build even some-more dumb stuff: “We have an unconstrained reserve of things. Ideally we fill a internet adult with them, and everybody can giggle a small more.”

So if you’re wearied out of your mind and can gangling 99 cents to prove your curiosity, this website should keep we bustling for a few minutes.