Can we suppose wanting to have your appendix private usually to be means to live in your city? That’s accurately what a residents of Villa Las Estrellas, a tiny Chilean allotment in Antarctica, are compulsory to do in sequence to live there long-term.

To be means to sense such a weird requirement, we initial need to know a few things about Villa Las Estrellas. In short, this place is substantially a closest we can get to experiencing life on another planet. It’s located so distant divided from tellurian civilization and continue conditions are so impassioned that would-be residents contingency pass a really consummate psychological examination in sequence to infer that they can live here for a prolonged duration of time. In winter time, a whole place is buried underneath several meters of sleet and a hours of illumination are transposed with a few mins of twilight. The normal heat is -2.3 degrees Celsius, though they can dump to -47 in winter months, creation it scarcely unfit to even set feet outward a container-like houses.

Photo: SnowSwan/Wikimedia Commons  (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

Villa Las Estrellas is now home to over 80 inhabitants, especially members of a Chilean atmosphere force and their families, with everybody over a age of 6 blank their appendix. The requirement to have a potentially-problematic organ surgically private is a precaution. Because this icy city is located on a remote King George Island, 120 km off a seashore of Antarctica, with a nearest surgical sanatorium over 1,000 km away, stealing residents’ appendix lowers a risk of an puncture evacuation.

Villa Las Estrellas indeed has a possess hospital, though it’s manned by a ubiquitous practitioner who can’t hoop puncture surgeries, and with winds here floating with speeds of adult to 200 km/h, accost and other impassioned meteorological phenomena, holding off in a Hercules C-130 troops craft on a sand runway can be utterly difficult.

Photo: Chikomario/Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

“We contingency be prepared to keep a chairman alive dual or 3 days, a time it customarily takes an aeroplane to take off from here,” Sergio Cubillos, a commander of a troops airbase, told EFE. For this same reason, apropos profound in Villa Las Estrellas is not forbidden, though discouraged.

So since would anyone live in a place like this? Well, Villa Las Estrellas was founded in 1984, during a troops persecution of Augusto Pinochet, as a approach to connect Chile’s participation in what was afterwards called a “Chilean Antarctic”. Families have been vital there ever since, and Chile stays one of usually dual countries – a other being Argentina – to settle whole families in Antarctica. The other 24 countries benefaction on a solidified continent usually work proxy investigate and troops bases.


Nowadays, families who confirm to pierce to Villa Las Estrellas and have their appendix private – even children over a age of 6 – select to do so essentially for financial gain. The Chilean supervision offers substantial financial incentives o settlers peaceful to spend a few years in this remote community, and some find them tough to resist.

Despite a apparent hardships of vital on a remote island usually off a seashore of Antarctica and carrying to give their appendix to do so, many of a residents of Villa Las Estrellas conduct to find a china lining.


“Family life in Antarctica is really ease and pleasing since we spend most some-more time together than before,” journalist Macarena Villarreal, mom of two, and mother of a troops man, told EFE.