Many children dream of apropos entrepreneurs when they grow up, though really few start as early as, Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori, a Peruvian child who started a children’s assets bank when he was usually 7 years old. Today, his bank serves over 2,000 clients and offers several financial services.

Jose got a suspicion for a children’s assets bank 6 years ago, after seeing that many of his peers were spending their income on candy and toys, instead of saving it for some-more suggestive purchases. Despite his immature age, he accepted that saving income and accessing a financial complement were dual ways that adults – like his relatives – solved many of their financial and amicable problems, so he motionless to make them permitted to kids as well. He afterwards started meditative of ways that children could beget income though a assistance of their parents, and recycling seemed like a apparent answer. Jose was certain that he was on to something, though when he pitched his suspicion for a children’s bank to his teachers, he was told that a 7-year-old couldn’t hoop such a project. But he valid them all wrong.

Photo: Bartselana Student Bank/Facebook

“At a beginning, my teachers suspicion we was crazy or that a child could not commence this form of project,” Jose recalls. “They did not know that we are not a destiny of a nation though a present. Luckily, we had a support of a propagandize principal and an partner in my classroom. I had to continue a jokes and bullying of my classmates for a work we was doing.”

Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori founded the Bartselana Student Bank in his home city of Arequipa, in 2012. The suspicion behind this inventive financial establishment was sincerely simple. Children could turn clients of a bank by branch in during slightest 5 kilograms of recyclable rubbish (paper or plastic) and were compulsory to deposition during slightest one other kilogram of rubbish each month, in sequence to say their membership status. They would afterwards set a assets goal, and could usually repel income from their accounts when they reached their assets goal.

The 7-year-old reached an arrangement with internal recycling companies that offering clients of the Bartselana Student Bank a aloft cost per kilogram of recyclable waste, with all deduction deposited true into their accounts. To make certain that a children were a usually ones who benefited from their work, he done it so that no one solely a clients themselves, not even their parents, could make withdrawals.

Photo: Bartselana Student Bank/Facebook

Between 2012 and 2013, the Bartselana Student Bank collected 1 ton of recyclable element and generated assets for 200 children during Jose’s school. The initial success of his plan drew a lot of attention, and during one indicate he even partnered with a vast bank in Peru, to make this arrange of services permitted to even some-more children. However, that understanding didn’t work out as Jose approaching so he motionless to go brazen independently.

The Bartselana Student Bank has been flourishing each year given a inception, and currently it has over 2,000 clients aged 10 to 18. Its owner recently told PPE that he has been approached by Peru’s Banco de la Nación for another join venture, and a that a suspicion of negotiating with corporate executives doesn’t shock him during all, on a contrary.

“I’m not intimidated by assembly with bank executives to speak about business. The diagnosis is always considerate and, to be honest, we feel some-more gentle with adult people since they know a projects we am proposing to them,” a 13-year-old businessman said.


Although the Bartselana Student Bank started out as a assets bank, it now offers children a accumulation of financial products, including loans, collateral investment, microinsurance, as good as entrance to financial preparation by a array of courses. Jose strongly believes that instilling a enlightenment of saving from childhood is one of a formulas to foster genuine change in Peru.

For his achievements, Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori has perceived several titular awards, has been featured in unfamiliar documentaries about child entrepreneurs and was invited to events in countries all over a world.

Interestingly, a Bartselana Student Bank isn’t a world’s usually financial establishment for children, Back in 2012, we wrote about an efficient banking complement combined by travel kids in India.