Can we suppose wearing usually one tone each day for 3 and a half decades? Abou Zakkour, a 68-year-old male from a war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo has turn famous as a Yellow Man after wearing usually yellow for a final 35 years.

The story of a Yellow Man of Aleppo started on January 25, 1983, when Abou Zakkour finished a preference to usually wear yellow, since in his eyes a tone represented love. It’s misleading what he did with his aged wardrobe, though from that day forward, Zakkour usually wore yellow garments, including underwear and accessories like neckties and hats, as good as yellow footwear. Even his powerful and smartphone cover are yellow. And when he couldn’t find something to compare his attire, he simply took a bottle of yellow spike gloss and embellished a differently-colored object to fit his Yello Man persona.

Photo: Arabic Post

“For me a yellow tone represents adore and something no one has ever finished and no one even endures,” a Yellow Man of Aleppo recently told Chinese news group Xinhua. “I trust no one in a universe can wear yellow for 35 years, day and night, indoors and outdoors.”


“Wearing another tone would make me feel opposite and bizarre since we am wearing yellow for 35 years and it’s a prolonged time. we can't even have any opposite tone within my yellow attire,” Zakkour added.


Apparently, many equipment in his tiny unit in the Maari area of Alepo are yellow as well, including a tablecloth on his kitchen table, a bed sheets and even a trashcan. The tone yellow has been such a large partial of his life over a final 3 and a half decades that he can’t assistance though approximate himself with it.

The Yellow Man of Aleppo had turn a good famous figure in a Syrian city and a pitch of peculiarity before a polite fight incited into a fight zone, though afterwards all changed. Because he continued to travel a streets of his city in his iconic yellow clothe and stranded out like a bruise thumb, people widespread all kinds of rumors about him. Some pronounced he was an informer for Bashar al Asad’s regime or that he was a pimp, while others compared his yellow garments with ISIS or Al-Qaeda.


In a distressing video that went viral in 2013, members of a Syrian Liberation Army can be seen violence and harassing a Yellow Man of Aleppo, seeking him where his devotion lied, or because he wore yellow. Zakkour can be listened revelation his tormentors that he usually owns yellow clothes, though that doesn’t seem to matter to them.


After saying how a Liberation Army treated Abou Zakkour 5 years ago, many were astounded that he survived a polite war. In a recently published print feature, he can be seen walking a streets of Aleppo in his signature yellow clothes, once again putting a grin on people’s faces.


“When we travel down a travel or go to swarming places, people would grin and take photos with me. Many people stop to speak to me and fun with me and we consider it’s called love,” this living, respirating fable of Aleppo told Xinhua, adding that he will never wear another tone though yellow for as prolonged as he lives.


I have a feeling that a Yellow Man of Aleppo and a Green Lady of Brooklyn would unequivocally strike it off. After all, they’ve both been spooky with a singular tone for several decades and are deliberate icons of a cities they live in.

Sources: UN Forum, Arabic Post