25-year-old Tomasz Nadolski, from Wroclaw, Poland,  suffers from a singular and vicious illness that has not usually done his life a vital hell, though also left him stranded in a dull physique of a 12-year-old boy.

Tomasz’s health problems began when he was usually 7-years-old. He would chuck adult after each dish and knowledge painful pain in his stomach, hands and feet. Because he couldn’t keep any food down, he mislaid a lot of weight and kids during propagandize started teasing him about looking like a walking skeleton. For years, doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, and some of them even claimed that his problems were mental rather than physical. It took 16 years for Tomasz’s condition to finally be diagnosed, but, unfortunately, meaningful what he was pang from didn’t make a immature man’s life any better.

Photo: UWAGA! TVN video screengrab

Tomasz Nadolski was diagnosed with Fabry Disease, a singular and vicious genetic condition caused by a miss of alpha-galactosidase, an enzyme obliged for estimate biomolecules famous as sphingolipids. These build adult in a walls of blood vessels and other viscera and means a series of critical symptoms, including painful pain and organ failure. In Tomasz’s case, a illness has also stopped his earthy development, withdrawal him looking like a 12-year-old boy.

“I am 25 years aged and we would like to demeanour like a male of my age. we hatred this child who we see each day in a mirror, since it is not me,” the immature male recently said, adding that infrequently people exclude to accept his genuine age, even after display them his ID card. One time a policeman suspected him of carrying a feign one.

But while he would adore to demeanour his age, Tomasz’s scarcely childish looks are not his biggest problem. His genetic condition leaves him incompetent to eat correct food, so he has to be connected to an IV for adult to 20 hours a day in sequence to get adequate nourishment. He also needs painkillers to understanding with a implausible pain he feels in many of his body. It prevents him from sleeping soundly and night, and vital a normal life during a day, as a elementary act of walking can be excruciatingly painful.


Because Fabry Disease is so rare, Tomasz constantly has to transport all over Poland to have several experts provide his symptoms. So distant he has usually seen teenager improvements, though he is not giving up.

Tomasz is now holding special remedy to keep his condition in check. It would cost him around $215,000 a year, that he and his family could never afford, though luckily he is receiving from a writer giveaway of charge, for holding partial in a exam trials. However, he doesn’t know how most longer this will last. All he knows is that though correct medication, he would stoop to a delayed and painful death.

Unfortunately, Tomasz’s hermit has also been diagnosed with Fabry Disease when he was 12, though his symptoms are not as severe. There are days when Tomasz can't pattern a strength to get adult from his bed, and has to take be administered vast doses of hypnotic only to cope with a pain. Apart from a surpassing plunge of his body, a dire knowledge has also taken a fee on his mental state. Asked if he ever thinks about starting a family in a future, he said:


“No. I have a feeling that we am too mentally damaged, we feel that after all these practice we would have to bear low psychotherapy to be means to emanate a healthy relationship.”

To support Tomasz Nadolski  in his onslaught with this revengeful condition, we can present to him around a Avalon Fundation.