If you’re looking for a approach to get your grill business off a ground, this singular eatery in Bangkok, Thailand is explanation that carrying a group of prohibited masculine waiters dress in petty womanlike clothe and roar like damsels in difficulty as they offer congregation is a certain approach to success.

Staneemeehoi (Shell Station) is one of many seafood restaurants in Bangkok. As a name suggests, it specializes in shellfish, and judging by a hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook, a dishes and dips served here are above average, yet that’s not unequivocally what has people entrance back. Staneemeehoi is famous for a singular service. It employs a group of robust immature group who wear petty womanlike wardrobe and try their best to act girly as they offer and perform customers. That includes imitating a girly scream, dancing provocatively and puckering their lips as they poise for pictures.

Photo: Staneemeehoi/Facebook

34-year-old Veerasak Maesa is both a owners of Staneemeehoi and a personality of a now famous watchful staff. He used to work as a masculine model, yet as he got comparison he started meditative about opening his possess business. His initial thought was to open a cafe, yet eventually motionless that carrying to buy all a compulsory equipment, like espresso machines, was too many of a hassle. Then, one day, while eating shellfish during a grill in Bangkok, he satisfied that cooking shellfish usually compulsory some pots and a stove, so even yet he didn’t unequivocally know anything about using a restaurant, or cooking shellfish, for that matter, he motionless to give it a try.


Veerasak claims that he schooled many of a things compulsory to run Staneemeehoi online. He found a owners of a pool he buys many of his shellfish on Google, and spent about a month researching recipes. The immature manager admits that removing a dishes and salsas usually right was formidable during first, yet interjection to one of his friends’ mother, who happened to be a good cook, all worked out in a end.


There are many good shellfish restaurants in Bangkoj, and Veerasak knew that no matter how good his food was, he still indispensable a good offered indicate to mount out from a competition. So he called some of his friends and asked them if they were peaceful to partner adult with him and form an offbeat watchful group whose categorical purpose would be to make people laugh. After some brainstorming, they motionless that a best approach to do that was to act all girly and put on petty women’s costumes that still emphasized their robust physiques.


Staneemeehoi wasn’t an present hit. In fact, Veerasak says that he came unequivocally tighten to shutting down a grill usually 3 months after a inauguration. The stormy continue kept business away, and he had difficulty profitable his staff’s salaries. But afterwards a sleet stopped and he and his group got a event to uncover off their now famous watchful routine. People desired it and kept entrance back. Photos of a nonsensical waiters went viral online and soon Staneemeehoi became a phenomenon.


Veerasak Maesa pronounced that he is wakeful of rumors about he and his team’s slight being called sexist, yet he claims zero could be serve from a truth. He claims it’s usually submissive party and that his business are a usually judges that matter. Considering that Staneemeehoi is packaged probably each evening, with many congregation entrance to get a good giggle rather than eat shellfish, we theory they determine with him or they simply don’t care.


Staneemeehoi non-stop usually dual years ago, yet it’s spin such a large strike that Veerasak has been flooded with requests to spin his business into a franchise. He is demure to do so, since he fears that it will spin usually another for-profit business. His strange idea was to win business by putting a grin on their faces and creation them forget about their worries, yet he can’t be certain that other entrepreneurs would share his philosophy.


Asked because he continues to perform himself instead of focusing on a managerial work, a 34-year-old owners pronounced that he simply enjoys it. Plus, if he were to sinecure another indication to take his place, he would have no pledge that that chairman wouldn’t usually quit during some point, withdrawal him though his categorical offered point.


So, if you’re ever in Bangkok and looking for cooking and a show, there’s no place utterly like Staneemeehoi. Whether we like a whole virile yet girly watchful slight or not, we have to acknowledge it’s unique.

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