A 70-year-old male from Scotland busted his winter holiday and got himself criminialized from a United States perpetually after incidentally dogmatic himself a militant on an online visa form.

John Stevenson and his wife, Marion, an aged integrate from Inverclyde, Scotland, were ostensible to vacation in New York this month, though they finished adult losing both their moody tickets and their allege for accommodation in The Big Apple, after John got henceforth criminialized from entering a United States for dogmatic himself a militant on an online visa form. Despite several attempts to remonstrate US officials that he had usually done a mistake, he stays banned, so a integrate can’t even reschedule their trip, as they don’t know if they’ll ever be authorised into a United States.

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“We were stuffing out a visa form and it kept timing out before we could parasite all a boxes. Then it crashed and when it came behind up, we start where we finish off,” John Stevenson told English journal The Independent. “One of a questions ask if we are a militant and it contingency have jumped from No to Yes but me knowing.”

Johnson pronounced that he didn’t even comprehend his mistake until he called US limit control to give them his pass details, and they replied that he was a terrorist.

I even called limit control in a US and gave them my pass details. They looked adult my Esta series and pronounced ‘you’re a terrorist’,” a detrimental Scotsman told reporters. “I told them that we was 70 years aged and we don’t even commend what that means. It is a biggest calamity I’ve ever had.”

Sadly for John and his wife, they are expected to remove the £2,000 ($2,500) they had already spent on their New York trip, as United Airlines told them that a cost of their craft tickets could not be refunded, and conjunction could their allege for accommodation.

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“We were meant to be going divided on Dec 3,” Stevenson said. “It’s terrible, it’s intolerable and so stupid. we don’t know because that doubt is on a form in a initial place. “I’ve never been in difficulty in my life. The usually time I’ve been in justice was for jury use and now I’ve been treated like a criminal.”

Having already come to terms with losing a substantial sum of money, a Stevensons now wish to during slightest have John’s US anathema revoked by visiting a US embassy in London, where he will expected be questioned by American officials.