Developed by researchers and designers specializing in typography and behavioral science, Sans Forgetica is a new rise designed to assistance readers improved remember a information they review by forcing them to spend a bit some-more time on any word.

The pattern of Sans Forgetica is formed on a rise called Albion, though with estimable modifications to revoke laxity and achieve a idea of enchanting a mind some-more and assisting a reader keep some-more information. It was grown by scientists at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, who trust it could assistance students study for exams.

“We trust this is a initial time that specific beliefs of pattern speculation have been total with specific beliefs of psychology speculation in sequence to emanate a font,” Behavioral economist Jo Peryman told DW.

If fonts are too familiar, readers mostly peek over them though their mind formulating any memories of what was read. At a same time, if a rise is too outlandish, a mind has to onslaught too most to interpret it while neglecting a influence of information. According to a developers, “Sans Forgetica lies during a honeyed mark where usually adequate deterrent has been combined to emanate that memory retention.” Its modifications force readers to spend some-more time, though not too most time, reading any word, allowing a mind to rivet in deeper cognitive processing.

So does Sans Forgetica indeed work? Does it assistance readers improved remember a information they read. So far, studies have shown that it can make a difference, despite not a poignant one.


One examination had 96 participants recall word pairs presented in 3 opposite font. They remembered 69 percent of a word pairs created in Sans Forgetica, compared to 61 percent for a other fonts. In a opposite experiment, 303 students took a ridicule multiple-choice exam, and whenever a content was presented in Sans Forgetica, they remembered 57 percent of a text, compared to usually 50 percent of a surrounding content created in Arial font.

So Sans Forgetica won’t give we a memory of an elephant, though if you’re a kind of chairman who believes each small bit helps, it competence be value a try.