Sixteen dauntless runners recently collected in a Russian encampment of Oymyakon, also famous as a world’s stick of cold,  to contest in a coldest executive competition in history.

Oymyakon is a coldest henceforth inhabited place on Earth, with temperatures constantly dropping to underneath -50 degrees Celsius in winter time. This place is so cold that a person’s defenceless face can humour frostbite in a matter of seconds, and infrequently a mercury in thermometers freezes. Oymyakon can hardly be called inhabitable, let alone suitable for a marathon, and nonetheless during a commencement of this year, 16 runners collected here to take partial in a array of impassioned races.

Photo: Maarten Takens/Flickr

On Jan 5, a dauntless runners – aged 21 to 71 and really well-trained – competed in bone-chilling marathons for 5, 10, 20, 30 and 42 kilometers opposite a solidified taiga of executive Yakutia. At a start of a run, a atmosphere heat was an roughly intolerable -52 degrees Celsius, and by a time a initial and usually curtain reached a 39km mark, it had malleable to -48 degrees Celsius.

“We could see complete awe in a eyes of tourists that trafficked here from Australia, Taiwan, Japan and India to watch a world’s coldest race,” runner Sargylana Neustroyeva told The Siberian Times. “This was a initial try during organizing a intensely cold marathon. Next year we are really doing another race, all athletes from around a universe are welcome!”

“We wanted to make using in -45C and colder some-more popular, and to uncover that athletes can adjust to intensely low temperatures,” champion runner Yegor Abramov added.

The longest stretch run on a day, 39km, was achieved by Ilya Pesterev, a conduct of Emissa village. He came a closest to completing a 42km marathon. The youngest participant, 21-year-old Innokentiy Olesov ran 10km in one hour and 8 minutes, while a oldest runner, 71-year-old Yegor Permyakov, cowed 15km in two and a half hours.


The world’s coldest competition was orderly by Alexander Krylov, conduct of Turuu Tour agency. He skeleton to do it again subsequent year, hopefully with some-more dauntless runners means to continue a impassioned winter temperatures of Oymyakon. If this sounds like too large of a challenge, maybe we should try a Baikal Ice Marathon instead, nonetheless that’s no travel in a park either.