Naz Mila, a immature existence TV and amicable media star from Azerbaijan, recently captivated general media attention, after posting a print of a outrageous tattoo on a side of her body. Just take a good demeanour during it and you’ll know why.

Just in box a rise is giving we trouble, a black ink tattoo using down a side of Naz’s physique reads ‘I can decider a singular God with my wrongs and wrongs‘. Doesn’t quote sound like a kind of thing someone would henceforth have inked on their body, does it?

The 26-year-old, who shot to luminary after appearing on “With Zuhal Topal”, a Turkish matchmaking show, final year, has nonetheless to offer an reason of her bizarre-sounding tattoo, though some of her 850,000 Instagram supporters trust that she wanted to communicate a renouned Turkish word ‘Only God can decider my mistakes and truths’ and used an online translator for a English version.

Naz allegedly had a tattoo finished during a Ramazan Silver tattoo and trenchant parlor in Istanbul, Turkey, and judging by a print posted on a reality TV star’s Instagram, a tattoo artist is about as clueless about a definition (or miss thereof) a English word as she is.



A post common by NAZ (@nazmila_) on Oct 6, 2018 during 7:59am PDT

“Ask someone if he speaks English before we let him tattoo a human,” one chairman commented on Twitter.

While many took to amicable media to gibe Naz Mila for her blunder, a series of people are claiming that a immature amicable media luminary posted feign photos for a solitary purpose of removing attention. Well, if that’s a case, we theory she got what she wanted.