Fuerteventura, a second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands is mostly famous for a white sandy beaches, though few people know that this island also hosts one of a world’s many overwhelming attractions, a beach that has popcorn for sand.

There are copiousness of traveller spots named after things they resemble, even if only vaguely, though that’s not a box of Popcorn Beach. This extraordinary place honestly looks like it’s lonesome with million of white, pompous popcorn, though don’t go putting them in your mouth, as they are indeed hard pieces of coral made like popcorn by a elements.

Photo: 9GAG

Located during a finish of a dirt lane north west of Corralejo, Popcorn Beach isn’t unequivocally famous as one of Fuerteventura’s must-visit places for swimming and sunbathing – mill popcorn isn’t as gentle as silt – though no one can repudiate that it’s a must-see.



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Popcorn Beach has been around for as prolonged as locals can remember, though a recognition has surged in new years interjection to a thing called Instagram, we might have listened of it. For apparent reasons, photos of a white beach that seems literally lonesome in popcorn attracts a lot of attention, and posting pics of this place is a guaranteed approach to get views on Instagram.



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All this speak of popcorn is creation me hungry, and besides, difference only don’t do this place justice, so I’ll only let we suffer these beautiful cinema of Popcorn Beach instead.



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