Police in a Taiwanese city of Taipei were indicted of wasting taxpayers’ income on elucidate foolish cases, after internal media suggested that they recently conducted DNA tests value hundreds of dollars to find out who drank a student’s $2 yogurt bottle.

Sharing a fridge with roommates in college customarily means usurpation that, from time to time, some of your treats will mysteriously disappear. It’s like a tradition, though for one Taiwanese lady pity a residence with 5 other women study during a Chinese Culture University in Taipei, it was a critical crime that had to be solved during any cost. Last month, a unnamed lady came home to find one of her yogurt bottles dull in a rubbish bin. None of her housemates had asked her accede to splash a yogurt, so she fished a dull bottle from a trash, convened an puncture residence assembly and asked a other 5 women that one of them had stolen her yogurt. When nothing of them owned adult to a crime, a murderous lady took a dull yogurt bottle to a military and demanded that they lift out an central review and pierce a rapist to justice.

In many other places around a world, military officers would have roughly positively told a lady that this was not a matter for a police, and maybe even scolded her for wasting their time. But military in Taipei are apparently committed to elucidate any crime, no matter how innocent. They supposed a box and started pouring critical financial resources into the  investigation.

After conference a woman’s story, a military had her 5 roommates brought in for questioning. They all denied celebration her yogurt, and given they couldn’t find any fingerprints on a bottle, since of a condensation, they motionless to control debate DNA tests on a 5 suspects as good as a lady who had done a allegations in sequence to find out that one of them was lying.

According to TVBS News, Taipei military spent a sum of NT$18,000 ($585) on debate review kits, reagents and centrifuges for 6 DNA tests in sequence to find a “thief” of a $2 yogurt bottle. It’s misleading if they indeed managed to find a culprit, though one thing military unequivocally managed to do was attract neglected courtesy to themselves and a approach they use open resources.


The story went viral and people reacted angrily online, accusing military of wasting their bill on foolish cases instead of elucidate genuine crimes. Even sources in a police, who elite to sojourn anonymous, compared this box with “using a cannon to fire birds – it is not unequivocally in line with a element of proportionality”.

Some people commented that it would have been cheaper for military to simply by a lady a bottle of yogurt when she initial came in, or that it would have been easier for her to only pierce out of a residence if she couldn’t hoop a detriment of a yogurt bottle.