A New York male has been dubbed a “Pied Piper of Raccons” after a video of him sketch roughly dual dozen bushy critters from a woods with a Native American shriek balance went viral online.

The renouned video shows Eddy Lawrence personification his shriek on a side of a highway in Brasher State Forest, St Lawrence County, as dozens of raccoons emerge from a woods and form an assembly around him. The differently bashful creatures seemed enraptured by a song, and according to a chairman who shot a video, around 20 of them had collected around Lawrence by a time he finished playing. As a strain ended, a spell it put on a raccoons seemed to mangle as well, as they scurried behind into a forest.

Photo: Eddy Lawrence/Facebook

Footage of Lawrence’s opening was posted online during a finish of final month, and has given turn an internet sensation. He told Inside Edition that a strain he played on his shriek was a normal Native American balance called “Raccoon Dance”. Quite wise name, we contingency say. Anyway, he recons that a raccoons were captivated by a mellow sound of a flute.

“They didn’t dance though they came around to see what was going on,” Eddy said. “The shriek is a really mellow instrument and it seemed to have them reassured them that it was okay.”

Considering that a male told reporters that he had usually schooled personification a shriek a month ago, people have been speculating about either his skills are indeed what drew a raccoons out of a forest. While some seemed to trust that there was something enchanting about a tune, skeptics were assured that a balance itself was zero some-more than a cooking bell, and that a animals were there simply to feast on whatever snacks he was offering.


To be fair, it does demeanour like some of a raccoons are eating something while a piper is playing, not to discuss that these are some of a fattest raccoons I’ve ever seen. It’s still a cold video, though feeding does make a lot some-more clarity than a enchanting shriek tune.

That said, we’ve seen animals drawn by song before. Just final month, we posted about Kulning, a ancient herding call used by Nordic farmers to call cattle down from towering pastures.