Okiku, aka “The Haunted Doll of Hokkaido” is a creepy aged Japanese doll staying during a church in Iwamizawa Temple that allegedly grows tellurian hair. Obviously, it’s also pronounced to be condemned by a suggestion of a tiny girl.

There are several legends per Okiku, though a many renouned one speaks of a normal Japanese doll bought by Eikichi Suzuki, a seventeen-year-old child from Hokkaido, who bought it for his tiny sister, in 1918. It is pronounced that a tree-year-old girl, called Kikuko, desired a doll really much, took it everywhere with her, and slept with it each night. But, as is mostly a box in these creepy legends, immature Kikuko died one day after throwing a cold, and that’s when things started removing strange.

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The girl’s family kept a doll she desired so much, placed in a tiny tabernacle for remembrance. They named it “Okiku’, after their mislaid daughter, and started praying to it. At one indicate they beheld something really surprising – a doll, that had an ‘okappa’ hair character (cropped during around jawline length and with a tiny border over a forehead), now had noticeably longer hair. They took this as a pointer that a doll was condemned by Kikuko’s spirit.

In 1938, Kikuko’s family motionless to pierce from Hokkaido, usually instead of holding their daughter’s doll with them, they concluded that it would be best for it to sojourn on a island. So they entrusted it to a monks during Mannenji Temple, and common with them a creepy secret. Okiku has been staying during a church ever since, and people mostly come to see a mythological tellurian hair for themselves, though they are not authorised to sketch it.

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Nowadays, Okiku has prolonged hair issuing down all a approach to a knees. It would substantially be a lot longer, though a monks make certain to trim it from time to time. That’s a dangerous thing to do to a condemned doll, though Grape reports that one of a monks started doing it after carrying a dream of Okiku seeking him to do it. Nobody has been means to explain because a doll’s hair keeps growing.

Some sources also explain that a systematic hearing of a doll suggested that a hair is indeed that of a tellurian child, nonetheless we have nonetheless to find any justification of that. Even some-more ridiculous is a explain that if we get tighten adequate to Okiku and demeanour into a half-open mouth, we can see a flourishing teeth…

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Okiku’s story has desirous countless novels, films and traditional Kabuki plays, some of that have combined even creepier elements, like a doll giggling, groan or relocating around.

So if you’re ever on Japan’s Hokkaido island and wish to get stared during by a condemned doll with beady black eyes, conduct over to Mannenji Temple to accommodate Okiku, a famous Haunted Doll of Hokkaido.