A Nigerian male recently combined a outrageous hum online after spending $90,000 on a code new BMW X5 and regulating it as a box to bury his late father in.

The man, identified simply as Azubuike, had reportedly mislaid his father to aged age and motionless to send him off on his final tour in a oppulance car. So he spent a tiny happening on a code new BMW X5, placed a aged man’s physique inside and buried it in an extra-large, six-foot-deep grave, nearby his village. A print of a automobile being lowered into a grave by cover bearers underneath a sharp eye of Azubuike recently went viral online and caused utterly a controversy.

Photo: Facebook

While a few people applauded a man’s goal to respect his father in a singular way, many Facebook users mad with him, claiming that he was indeed creation a hoax of a defunct and that he could have used a income to rise his village.

“Buy a automobile for your primogenitor while he is still alive if we are wealthy and bury them with a decent coffin though this is only being ridiculous and display off,” one chairman wrote.

“Why not give a income to a encampment people or go behind and take a automobile if any can,this is definition less,he is left and he is left or give a villager good H2O to drink,” another male commented.

Photo: Face2face Africa

Interestingly, this is not a initial time this arrange of thing has happened in Nigeria. Face2face Africa reports that 3 years ago, an unnamed Nigerian billionaire in Enugu buried his mom in a code new Hummer SUV.