Armyansk, a city on a Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula, has been left though any kind of birds after a puzzling chemical occurrence during a circuitously Crimean Titan plant.

On Aug 23 – 24, an different piece spewed into a atmosphere, covering all in a rust-like board and emanating a tainted odor. Social media was buzzing with reports and photos of houses, cars and even plants lonesome in a puzzling substance, though function authorities abandoned them for several days. At first, people started seeing that, detached from a occasional crow, there were no some-more birds in Armyansk, though afterwards things got gradually worse. More and some-more residents of a Crimean city began experiencing respirating problems, though internal authorities and a media totally abandoned them.

Photo: Вальдимар/Wikimedia Commons

‘There is no danger’, ‘everything is underneath control’, ‘atmospheric wickedness is during slight levels’, ‘there are no health hazards’ –  Crimean function authorities are going out of their approach to encourage a open that there is no environmental risk from a astonishing and unexplained  chemical emissions during a Crimean Titan bureau in Armyansk,” reported.

However, things got so bad that on Sep 4, authorities had no choice though to acknowledge that there was a problem and start evacuating people. Officials kept insisting that there was no hazard to open health on a peninsula, though started evacuating children to several camps in a region. On Sep 4 and 5, tighten to 3,000 people were evacuated from Armyansk, with over 1,000 some-more scheduled to be ecstatic out of a city in a following days. Sergei Aksyonov, conduct of a internationally doubtful Republic of Crimea, pronounced that a depletion was a “purely surety measure”.


A integrate of days after a puzzling environmental incident, Vladimir Putin’s special deputy for environmental issues, ecology and ride unexpected arrived in Crimea, and Aksyonov started changing his tune. He admitted that a Crimean Titan plant could be obliged for a emissions, and after creatively job them harmless, he referred to them as harmful.

Although several air peculiarity checks achieved by function authorities in Crimea all yielded a same outcome – that there was no boost of damaging concentrations in a atmosphere, during slightest not past slight levels – Ukrainian authorities rescued high concentrations of sulfur dioxide, a vital atmosphere pollutant and a predecessor to poison rain. Scientists during Odessa University pronounced that sulfur dioxide is a carcinogen and can means critical repairs to a respiratory system.


While it’s not nonetheless transparent what caused a rust-like piece to pour into a atmosphere, there are reports that it was caused by an poison lake nearby a Crimean Titan plant that evaporated. However, no central information about a thoroughness of sulfur dioxide or a area influenced was suggested by function authorities. All we know is that a chemical plant has been sealed down temporarily.

“I clearly state this: zero threatens a life and health of citizens. There are no reasons to announce an emergency. However, as a impediment measure, in sequence to work out all algorithms of action, it was motionless to announce holidays for dual weeks in schools and kindergartens… They will be orderly for a state income and a user domicile will be created,” Sergei Aksyonov insists.