A immature Ohio mom was recently arrested for permitting her 10-year-old son to get a permanent tattoo in unwholesome conditions, from a 16-year-old unlawful artist. She after claimed she got simply got sleepy of her son seeking for a tattoo.

34-year-old Nikki Dickinson was arrested final week in Bellefontaine, Ohio, after a unfortunate video display her immature son removing a tattoo on his arm went viral on amicable media. Dickinson doesn’t seem in a video simply since she is a one recording a footage, though she certified to military that she gave her parental agree for a tattooing, since her son had been pleading with her to get a tattoo of a initial initial of his name. It’s misleading either she knew that a 16-year-unlicensed tattoo artist had a story of malpractice and once gave a customer MRSA (a Stafilococus aureus strain) from a unwashed needle.

The craziest thing about this story is that Dickinson wasn’t charged with permitting her child to get a tattoo, as that apparently isn’t bootleg in a state of Ohio, if a relatives give their consent. Her crime was permitting a tattooing to be finished in unwholesome conditions (her possess home) by an unlicensed, teenage tattoo artist. Her filming a whole thing didn’t assistance most either…

The mother, who cried as she had her engagement sketch taken on Friday, was charged with endangering of a child and contributing to a evasion of a child. If found guilty, she faces adult to 6 months behind bars. The tattoo artist was also charged with not following reserve and spotless discipline as good as dual evasion depends of tattooing prohibitions. The lady who binds a 10-year-old and attempted to keep him dreaming while he is removing a tattoo has not been charged yet.

It’s misleading because a indicted didn’t opt for a henna or another form of proxy tattoo for her son, or because she uploaded a damning video she shot, on amicable media. One thing is for sure, her chances of receiving a “mother of a year ward” are probably nonexistent during this point.