If we occur to possess a towering or precipice that you’ve been struggling to sell, maybe we can strike a understanding with this multimillionaire who wants to carve his family’s faces into it, Mount Rushmore style.

Online oppulance marketplace HushHush.com recently suggested that a puzzling multimillionaire reached out to them with a really surprising ask – he is looking to buy a towering or a cliff  in a UK so he can spin it into a personal Mount Rushmore. The mill real-estate has to be vast adequate to fit a buyer’s forged portrait, as good as those of his wife, their 3 children and a family dog. The male is apparently peaceful to compensate adult to £12 million ($15.5 million) for a towering itself, and has a apart bill for a group of mill carvers to emanate a family portraits.

Photo: Brandon Mowinkel/Unsplash

HushHush.com now has no plateau or cliffs listed for sale, though given a unknown millionaire is a constant patron of a marketplace, they’ve finished his ask open in a hopes of anticipating a suitable property. Aaron Harpin, owner and CEO of HushHush.com, told Metro that a patron has sent them likewise impracticable requests in a past, though that this is a initial one they’ve been struggling with.

“This patron is one that we have worked with given a commencement and has mostly sent us messages seeking for specific equipment that aren’t now on a site, all of that we have managed, though this one we need some assistance with,” Harpin said. “Obviously, he’s finished his possess research, as have we, though maybe there’s a towering or precipice face in a UK that we haven’t suspicion of yet, that is because we’re seeking for a public’s help.”

Photo: HushHush.com

If we have any information on a skill suitable for this surprising project, HushHush would adore to hear from you. Use this form to get in hold with them and assistance make this bad multi-millionaire’s dream come true.