Edgardo “Perros” Zuniga has been travelling all around Mexico on a tricycle, looking for deserted and harmed dogs to rescue and put adult for adoption. He has discovered over 400 dogs in a final 5 years.

When he left his home in Jalisco in 2013, 48-year-old Edgardo set a really transparent idea for himself – to assistance as many wandering dogs as he probable could. Over a final 5 years, he has trafficked by 14 Mexican states and discovered over 400 deserted dogs, by nursing them behind to health and after fixation them in a hands of staff during several adoption centers. He also helped dogs that weren’t authorised for adoption, by treating their illnesses, feeding them and doing all in his energy to urge their lives before stability his journey. He travels with a container of constant dogs that make adult his ‘rescue team’ and that he claims make his pursuit a lot easier by display a strays he encounters that they can trust him.

Edgardo says that he combined a “Perros” (Spanish for ‘dogs’) to his name given it’s demonstrative of his work and let’s people know that he is dedicated to his goal of assisting wandering dogs. The 49-year-old animal partner is wakeful that other people cite to flow their time and resources into assisting children, other people or involved species, though he set out to turn a “guardian angel” for dogs and he skeleton to see his devise by to a end.

“It is never too late for us to do something good, no matter what mistakes we have done in a past,” Edgardo “Perros” Zuniga told Quinta Fuerza. “Even if there is no food or medicine, we try to rehabilitate them with adore and adore and put them adult for adoption.

Edgardo has been travelling all over Mexico on a elementary tricycle that helps him ride simple reserve for himself, and lots of medicine and food for a dogs. He takes on peculiar jobs to be means to feed and take caring of his dogs, though he also relies on a affability of others. Ever given a video of him went viral on Facebook in 2016, people started coming him and his container of travelling canines, charity to assistance him out any approach they can.

The 48-year-old male calls his goal a “journey to incite people’s consciousness”, adding that he never asks anything of anybody, usually that “they see what these constant animals can do for us humans”.

“I work with a strength of a animal, what we do, we do out of adore for them, not out of pity,” Edgardo said. “Dogs don’t caring if it’s raining, if we are channel a dried or if they’re hungry, they will always be by my side.”

Every state and range he passes through, Edgardo rescues some-more dogs that temporarily join his container before being incited over to activists or veterinarians who try to find homes for them. Because he is always on a road, he can’t adopt them all permanently, though he tries to make their lives improved in any approach he can.


“Dogs are full of adore and protection, that’s because it’s critical that we take caring of them as well,” Perros recently told EFE.