Police officers in a Mexican city of Alvarado were recently nude of their firearms and armed with slingshots and rocks instead, after many of them failed their control tests and were deemed non-professional for service.

After usually 30 officers of a 130-member military dialect in Alvarado managed to pass their control tests for a use of firearms, Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, administrator of a Mexican state of Verracruz, motionless to frame a whole dialect of firearms. The governor’s bureau has reliable that identical actions have been taken in other municipalities, like Ixtaczoquitlan, Ciudad Mendoza and Pueblo Viejo. However, some internal officials have indicted Yunes Linares of stripping internal law coercion of what small insurance they had opposite a rapist organisations in Verracruz. In Alvarado, a officers were armed with slingshots and rocks.

Photo: Alvarado metropolitan government

Bogar Ruiz Rosas, a mayor of Alvarado, protested a preference to have his internal military force disarmed by organizing a mystic handover eventuality where he released military their new sidearms – slingshots and rocks. During this event, Rosas argued that many of those officers who unsuccessful their control tests did so since a dialect is now done adult of mostly newly recruited officers.

“Today we delivered slingshots to a metropolitan police,” a mayor told reporters benefaction during a handover event. “The citizen administrator done a preference to take all a weapons, that unfit him completely, as it violates a autonomy. It’s transparent to us that this is a totally domestic emanate and we have to be prepared to lift out a work, professionally, as we have seen us do it.”

Photo: Alvarado metropolitan government

Photos of a Alvarado military officers wearing their surprising sidearms and videos of Mayor Ruiz Rosas handing them out went viral on Mexican amicable media, and stirred a response from a Verracruz government. In an central statement, governor Ángel Yunes Linares warned policemen in Alvarado that they can't continue doing their pursuit unarmed and that stability to do so would be opposite a law, and they could be theme to prosecution.

But don’t slingshots count as weapons in a right hands? Plus, this wouldn’t be a initial time Mexican military would have to quarrel crime with slingshots. In 2007, over 60 slingshots were released to officers in a aroused limit city of Tijuana, after their firearms had been confiscated by army soldiers, on allegations of collusion with drug traffickers.