Vaggelis Chatzis’s life is deliberate by many a ultimate loser story. After carrying his right forearm amputated from subsequent a bend when he was usually a baby, he grew adult to turn a world’s usually one-handed veteran boxer.

Chatzis was inherited with a carcenogenic swelling in his right palm that would have eventually killed him if doctors didn’t amputate partial of his arm to stop a cells from spreading. He was usually 3 months aged during a time, so a immature Greek has had to rest on his left palm alone for as prolonged as he can remember. Growing adult was tough, as a other kids would mostly brag him and make fun of his three-fingered prosthetic hand, job him things like Captain Hook. That caused him to grow adult into a unequivocally indignant immature man, and that annoy got him in a lot of trouble. He started unresolved out with a wrong crowd, spent his nights celebration and partying, and got into fights a lot. But afterwards he detected fighting and he fell in love.

Photo: Vaggelis Chatzis/Facebook

“It’s like when we see a unequivocally flattering woman, and we see her one time and we tumble in adore with her,” Vaggelis describes his initial knowledge in a fighting gym.

The 31-year-old detected fighting over a decade ago, after relocating to a UK to pursue his second-biggest passion, cooking. It was there that he met his initial coach, Tony Lang, who owned a fighting gym and invited him to give a competition a try. Vaggelis had always desired examination fighting on TV, yet he had never illusory himself putting on a span of fighting gloves and removing in a ring. But as shortly as he did, he knew he was done for it.

Despite blank a hand, Vaggelis Chatzis showed a genuine talent for boxing, that total with his inherited integrity to overcome hurdles done him a force to be reckoned with in a ring. His trainers found a approach to insert a fighting glove to his shorter arm, so even yet he had usually one hand, he could indeed punch with both. A southpaw, Chatzis adopted an radical fighting style, that many times held opponents off-guard.

On his approach to apropos a world’s usually one-handed boxer, Vaggelis Chatzis had to overcome several challenges, including a medical board’s hostility to emanate a required paperwork. But a immature Greek had been fighting opposite a contingency all his life, and never gave up. In 2015, he done his veteran fighting entrance in Athens, in front of a throng of over 3,000 people, including his family. He won by unanimous preference and done fighting history.


Chatzis mislaid his second fight, and shortly suffered a critical damage that kept him out of a ring for dual and a half years. But while others would have simply called it quits after such a prolonged hiatus, a Greek fighter continued to train, patiently watchful to uncover off his skills once again. In Dec of 2018, he distinguished his long-awaited lapse by defeating Serbo-Bosnian fighter Mikro Zdrazdo. He now skeleton to lapse to Los Angeles, to continue his training and take his career to a subsequent level.

“I still have a few years left in my fighting career. we can quarrel until we am 35. we wish to lapse to L.A. to continue what we left behind. we will not stop until we succeed,” Chatzis told Greek Reporter.


In a meantime, he is training during home in Athens, Greece, and also spends his giveaway time training others to box, including other infirm people. He hopes that his story will enthuse others to pull their boundary and do their dreams.

“To someone that competence be in a identical situation, we would advise not to listen to anyone and do what his heart says, follow his dreams,” Vaggelis pronounced in an talk with StoryTrender. “We put a boundary to ourselves and it’s adult to us to mangle them.”