Cats from a Selkirk Rex multiply are famous to be friendly, witty and even cuddly, though we unequivocally couldn’t tell by looking during Pompous Albert. His constantly frowned face creates him demeanour like a angriest, many antipathetic cat in a world, though it’s also a source of his implausible online popularity.

Pompous Albert became an Instagram prodigy shortly after his owners set adult his possess account, in 2014. Just a year later, he already had over 40,000 fans who couldn’t get adequate of his permanent “resting dog face”, and today, his fan count on a renouned amicable network stands during an considerable 228,000. He’s been featured on hundreds of vital internet platforms like BuzzFeed and People Magazine, landed blurb deals with Honda, and is richer and some-more famous than many humans. It’s indeed tough to trust Pompous Albert started out as a deserted uncover cat…

Photo: Pompous Albert/Instagram

Pompous Albert was adopted by Mike and Susan Singleton and became the proprietor bureau cat during their internal business bureau in Salt Lake City, Utah. They suspicion his his curly, white-grey curly hair resembled that of famous scientist Albert Einstein, and during one indicate motionless to share his grouchy face with a world, around Instagram. It’s a good thing too, differently we would have all missed out on one of a grumpiest-looking creatures to ever travel a Earth.



Penny for my thoughts? And to whom? #pompousalbert

A post common by Albert (@pompous.albert) on Nov 24, 2018 during 2:23pm PST

Pompous Albert’s bio reads “Rejected uncover cat, though I’ll uncover them”, and child did he ever stay loyal to his word. The people who deserted him contingency be scratching their eyes out saying how distant he’s come.



Some contend naughty, some contend nice, we contend ______________. #pompousalbert

A post common by Albert (@pompous.albert) on Dec 24, 2018 during 9:03am PST

While a permanent indignant demeanour on Pompous Albert’s face is a categorical pull for many of his fans, it’s not a usually thing that keeps people entrance behind for more. His owners also heading any print and video they upload with spiteful comments that fit his demeanour perfectly.



Freshly groomed. Go forward – compensate me a compliment. #pompousalbert

A post common by Albert (@pompous.albert) on Nov 27, 2018 during 9:10am PST

For example, one print where he stares angrily into a camera is captioned with “Albert’s Office Tip: This is a demeanour we give a trainer who wants we to work over a weekend,” while another reads “Let’s assume I’m right, It’ll save time”.



Monday #pompousalbert

A post common by Albert (@pompous.albert) on Nov 5, 2018 during 5:02am PST

For some-more of Pompous Albert’s overwhelming indignant face, check out his renouned Instgram page. Oh, and also review this essay by Sage Singleton, one of Albert’s tellurian sister, about flourishing adult in a shade of a famous cat.