A Russian male miraculously survived after inserting an 8-inch kitchen blade into his skull. Asked because he did that to himself, a male told military that he was perplexing to make another hole so he could breathe better.

Last week, military in a city of Donetsk, Russia’s Rostov region, found a internal male kneeling by himself in a margin with a blade hoop adhering out of a tip of his head. The 8-inch blade was roughly totally buried into his skull, though a male was entirely unwavering and did not seem to have postulated any critical mind damage. When a repelled policeman asked him who had stranded a blade into his head, a male quietly pronounced that he was carrying difficulty respirating by his nose, so he used a blade to make another hole to breathe through. But a blade got stranded and he couldn’t get it out…

Photo: RoAll/Pixabay

“My mind is not breathing, that’s because a blade stranded in my head,” a male said.

“Don’t touch, don’t touch,” a faraway military officer can be listened instructing a bizarre male in a video that has been doing a rounds on Russian amicable media given final week. “Sit as we are, do not move….do not hook your head.”

The man, identified as 41-year-old Yury Zhokhov, a bureau workman from Donetsk, was delicately ecstatic to a internal hospital, where repelled doctors didn’t brave hold a blade for fear that any transformation of a blade would kill a male or means lost mind damage.

“It was horrific. Even a gifted nurses, who have seen so much, still can't get over it,” an Emergencies Ministry orator told reporters. “The X-rays were done display a blade was accurately between a dual hemispheres of a brain. Local doctors did not brave lift it out. They called a informal hospital, and asked them to send specialists for help.”


Neurosurgeons from a informal collateral of Rostov-on-Don were brought in to mislay a knife, and Zhokhov miraculously survived a procedure. However, doctors contend that he stays in “critical” condition due to a increasing risk of infection inside a brain.

Watching a intolerable video of a man’s find by police, it’s intolerable to see and hear him speak with a blade deeply embedded into his skull, as if zero were wrong.

Zhokhov is approaching to sojourn in complete caring for a week, after that he will be eliminated to a psychiatric facility.